Friday, September 28, 2007

Something Good about Scholastic Testing?

Jeb's education legacy proving to be historic -- Well stranger things have turned up in the MSM lately.
Already I can hear the howls and catcalls from Democrats who hate it that [Jeb Bush] has done something they never have been able to do.
It seems that the Florida schools report is in, and the scores are up.
Only two states joined Florida in improving reading scores in eighth grade, as well as fourth grade. In Florida, more black kids are being directed into advanced classes.

More are taking the SAT.
The testing regime instituted under No Child Left Behind, isn't perfect, but in the 50s people actually said that it didn't matter if kids learned anything in school. (It was all about socialization.) So of course, kids didn't learn anything in school. Dropping phonics, and all the other insane things the education industry did, also didn't help matters.

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