Thursday, September 27, 2007

St Louis Area Cops Apparently Aren't Finished with Brett Darrow

Missouri: Police Stake Out Brett Darrow Home Now it seems they are staking out his house. (Or would that be stalking?) The video isn't very good, but there is video - again.
Members of the police community are on the record regarding their desire to stake out Darrow's home and harass the twenty-year-old. In late June, users of St. Louis CopTalk, an unofficial forum for Saint Louis area law enforcement, posted Darrow's home address along with messages containing apparent death threats in retaliation for the young motorist's taping of a DUI roadblock in November and a traffic ticket in June. One CopTalk user repeating the address wrote, "Every copper, City and County, should etch this little punks [sic] name in their [sic] memory. Brett Darrow, [address deleted], city of St. Louis."
Un-freakin believable. These guys apparently have no shame. And no sense. [via Uncle]

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