Thursday, September 20, 2007

They Needed a Jury to Determine This?

WA jury: Deputy who killed man thought he faced imminent threat- Not exactly sure what an inquest jury is. A coroner's inquest? Anyway, they came to the right conclusion.
Jurors determined 61-year-old Sheriff's Sgt. James Laing was a few yards in front of the victim. They determined Laing overheard the robbery taking place, saw Curry's gun, and pulled his own service weapon.

They determined Laing then pointed his weapon at Curry and ordered Curry to drop the gun. When Curry pointed his weapon at Laing, Laing fired and killed Curry.
The 38-year veteran of the sheriff's department has the right to defend himself, or go to the aid of others, and some people (though not the courts) would say a sheriff's deputy has a duty to defend the law-abiding.

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