Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Of course it is our fault

A Deadly School Shooting, This Time in Finland - New York Times Blog 8 dead in a school shooting in Europe and of course it is America's fault. Just as it was America's fault when 17 died in 2002 in Germany.
Instead, they fear they are leaving their frailest citizens feeling isolated in an indifferent, money-driven marketplace, which is widely described as an American pathology spreading with globalization.
The American pathology of creating gun free zones defenseless victim zones. (It isn't a gun-free zone if you get shot.)

It isn't the fault of the people who actually did the shooting. It isn't the fault of parents who didn't teach their kids right from wrong, or a society that leaves raising kids to TV and video games. No it is the guns fault or America's fault or both. Or the fault of those eeevil capitalists and their damn globalization.

But whatever, in any case, it is not for the individual to be responsible for his own actions.

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