Monday, December 31, 2007

Will Cooperation Save You? Michigan clerk shot in robbery 12/31/07 Told to get down on the floor, and then shot in the back.
Police say two armed men entered a liquor store and ordered customers and an employee to lie face down on the floor.

Surveillance cameras captured the moment when one of the robbers shot a store clerk in the back. Police say the two suspects fled the scene with stolen lottery tickets, cash and a wallet.
Your cooperation with violent criminals won't stop them from being violent criminals.

Can Someone Tell Me Why Anyone Gives Money to Mr. Gates?

Microsoft narrows scope of Home Server bug Yet another "new" product with yet another bug that appears to have never been tested.

Did they never test this software? How did they test it? They clearly never did a load test, to see how much thru-put they get on given hardware. If they had, they might have discovered yet another MS product that seems to have a lot of extra "features" - like the "data corruption feature."

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Self-defense legal in St Louis

STLtoday - Police: Pizza deliverman killed would-be robber I don't know why, but I get the distinct impression that the reporter/editors of this story are not happy about self-defense.

Concealed carry is relatively new to St Louis. Even after the State of Missouri passed the law, the county that contains St. Louis resisted. Fortunately, Missouri recognizes out-of-state licenses, so law-abiding citizens (like this pizza delivery guy) don't have to be helpless victims.
The driver, who works for the Domino's franchise nearby in University City, delivered an order at 7 p.m. Thursday to a phony address in the 6500 block of Julian Avenue, where two armed men approached the driver on foot and announced a robbery. The driver pulled his own pistol and fired shots, striking one of the men.
Police admit it appears that he did nothing wrong. Self-defense is a human right, after all.

One goblin is dead, and police arrested another person, but hadn't tied him directly to this crime at the time the article was printed.

It appears that the score is: Good Guys 2, Bad Guys 0.

What if Calling the Police Isn't Possible?

JusticeBatterers with badges - The Boston Globe What if the police (or at least a certain member or members) are the problem? It is a hard set of questions, not helped by the fact these people often escape justice.
Prosecutors and judges need to put an end to the inside game that favors batterers with badges. Strong federal laws forbid anyone, including police officers, to own a gun if convicted of a misdemeanor or felony domestic violence offense. But officers routinely avoid such career-ending consequences through favorable plea bargains.

Some cases never come to light because fellow officers look the other way. And spouses often refuse to testify, fearing possible physical or economic consequences.
Police and their spouses report violence in relationships at about 3 times the national rate. Not good.

Job stress is understandable; taking it out on people you profess to love is neither understandable nor forgivable.

Armed Senior Bests 5 Thugs

Gun-packing man, 65, fights off 5 thugs | I love a story with a happy ending....
ORLANDO, Fla. -- A Central Florida man who collects cash for parking at a church fought off five armed men who had ambushed him and demanded cash.
One put a gun to his head, four others demanded cash. They thought he was reaching for the cash, instead he reached for his own gun. They ran like rabbits when he started shooting.

Police don't know if he hit any of his would-be attackers. [via NRA-ILA]

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another Reason Not to Fly

Sunnyvale woman being treated for dangerous strain of TB People are worried about bird flu, but really there are easier ways to get really sick.
SAN JOSE, Calif.—Authorities are releasing more information about a Santa Clara County woman who flew into San Francisco International Airport while sick with a dangerous strain of tuberculosis.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says the 30-year old Sunnyvale woman boarded an American Airlines flight in New Delhi, India on Dec. 13. The flight stopped in Chicago, before continuing on to San Francisco.
I have looked at a couple of stories about this incident and I can't find if they think she has Multiple Drug Resistant TB, (MDR-TB) or Extensively Drug Resistant TB (XDR-TB). XDR-TB seems to be basically untreatable, and has a really high mortality rate. (Based on limited research I grant you.)

The white dust masks won't protect you. If you want to have protection while flying, you need to wear one of these. Crazy you say? Consider what TB did 100 years ago, and then consider the XDR-TB puts medicine in the same spot it was 100 years ago.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

French Do-gooders Sentenced for Kidnapping

Chad 'abductors' given 8 years hard labour - Telegraph Most people didn't follow this story.

A bunch of Lefty-do-gooders wanted to bring about 100 "orphans" from Chad to France for adoption. The only problem was that the VAST majority of them weren't orphans, but had AT LEAST one living parent. Kidnapping isn't what most people hope to be supporting when they support their favorite charity.
Six French aid workers were each sentenced to eight years of hard labour yesterday after a court in Chad found them guilty of trying to kidnap 103 children.
First people were screaming for the trial to be moved to France, even though the crime was committed in Chad. (Could it be that people didn't think the Chad courts would be fair? Or could it be that they knew the French courts wouldn't be fair?)

So now that they have been found guilty, and sentenced, the same folks are screaming for the guilty to be assigned to French prisons - where "hard labor" is not to be found.
Prosecutors said the group, led by Mr Breteau and Emilie Lelouch, duped parents in eastern Chad into handing over their children with promises of schooling.

Philippe Houssine, a prosecutor, said the sentences were justified because no one had shown any remorse. "On the contrary, he [Mr Breteau] displays an arrogant, insolent attitude, which means this is a person who is ready to do it again if asked," he said outside court.
The end justifies the means? Oh, and the little thing that families in Chad were mostly Muslim and families in France were either atheist or Christian, well that didn't enter into the thinking of the folks involved at all.

I am sure they had great intentions. But great intentions aren't enough. Road to Hell. Paved. Intentions.

[Update 28 Dec 2007: The bastards got sent home after all.]

Not Sure if Self-defense is Legal in PA

DA to review 7-Eleven clerk's shooting of robbery suspect - OK, if the facts are as reported, this sounds pretty well justified to me.
Police say Davis had a knife when he jumped over the counter and tried to rob the clerk about 4:30 a.m. Tuesday.
Crazed goblin with knife, faces licensed CCW permit holder who is armed. I know exactly how I would react. But in Pennsylvania the review will take forever, even though it is "routine."

So did they do something or not?

Worldandnation: Victims may have had role in tiger's escape Why would you tease a tiger? I guess because you have no respect for the power of nature.
Officials speculated that one of the victims dangled a leg or other body part over the grotto wall and that Tatiana latched onto the limb and climbed out. Police sources said a footprint had been found on a metal fence, suggesting that someone had climbed it to get closer to the big cats.
If you ignore the safety features put in place to protect you, you should not be surprised if your safety is compromised.

The Religion of Peace Doesn't Like Strong Women

Benazir Bhutto killed in gun and bomb attack - Telegraph Bhutto was a strong woman, so of course she was killed.

I can't say anything that others won't say. The Telegraph has excellent coverage including a pictorial history of her life.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Are they really good role-models for the US?

Varifrank: Useless Information Department
Question #1: Which has the greater population?

A - Canada
B - Australia
C - State of California

Question #2: Which has the greater GDP?

A - Canada
B - Australia
C - State of California

Question #3: Which has the bigger military?

A - Canada
B - Australia
C - State of California

UPDATE: Yes, It's California. California now surpasses Canada and Australia in Population ( California Population - 38 million, Canada 33 million and Australia with 21 million) and GDP.( Australia 718 billion, Canada 1.1 trillion and California $1.7 trillion) California also has more military strengh as measured in manpower and budget. The one area that both Australia and Canada have more military presence than California is the sea. Both Canada and Australia maintain Naval craft, while California has few aside from "Fish and Game" assets.
They are great places - well I have never been to Australia, but I am sure it is great. Spent very many family vacations Canada.

The point is they are much smaller than the US. As such, they aren't necessarily the best role-models for policy issues.

Unintended Consequences

Hunting enjoys a revival - Telegraph I bet the anti-hunting forced didn't expect that "as a direct result of the ban" hunting would actually increase.
As 314 hunts were preparing to meet organisers report that in the two years since the ban, young people have attracted to the sport, reversing the situation of more than a decade ago where hunt memberships were ageing and in decline.
The number of women is also increasing.

This isn't a shooting sport, this is English fox hunting. Hounds and Horses. It was outlawed as the Left in Britain tries to exterminate anything and everything English.

Betamax All Over Again - Still Waiting for a Winner

San Jose Mercury News - HD-DVD or Blu-ray? You would think the folks at Sony would learn from history, especially when it was those same folks who were in the middle of the Betamax fiasco.

Apparently they aren't that smart. They are doing the same thing all over again with HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Except this time around the public seems - for the most part - to be on top of the situation. DVD sales of both HD and Blu-ray disks suck, as do sales of players.

I personally don't know why any non-Sony studio would support Blu-ray. With Warner's Harry Potter series coming out on HD-DVD, do you really want to bet against it?

I for one wouldn't buy a player right now. I certainly won't buy any DVDs, since the old-style DVDs are obsolete, and either of the new formats could be obsolete by summer. Same is true of the players.

Defense of Self or Family Bullets Fly on Christmas Morning 12/25/07 An illegal alien - estranged boyfriend/father - shows up Christmas Day, but is not welcome. He pulls a gun and threatens the mother of his child. He is shot by her cousin, who luckily had a gun.
"Fortunately there was a family member who had a gun who was able to defend his cousin. And who knows what other injuries might have been incurred from these subjects who was bent on creating problems there and harming people in the residence," said Lt. Herman Silva, Fresno Police.
As to his immigration status...
To make matters worse he wasn't even supposed to be in this country at all. He had just been released from prison and was deported to Mexico but came back.
Oh, and this didn't happen at 11 AM or just in time for Christmas dinner, he showed up at her home at 4 AM. Not a friendly visit.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Why Iowa?

Iowahawk extols the virtue of Iowa as the Presidential Campaign bellwether.
"How fah is it to Hahvahd Yahd?" A long goddamn way from Cedar Rapids, pal. So start walking.
When you consider that we could spend these months listening to how some others states are feeling about presidential politics, Iowa isn't so bad.

Burglar Meets Armed Homeowner

Burglar shot dead by homeowner Burglar meets armed homeowner with predictable results.
A chaplain interviewed the homeowner and found that he had come home to find the man in his home. A fight ensued, with the homeowner eventually shooting and killing the burglar.
Police are not saying much, since they were waiting for a search warrant before entering the premises.

Police wondered why the homeowner had a gun. How about for self-defense, so that it was the bad guy dead at the scene, and not the law-abiding homeowner?

Self-defense is a human right.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Forget Privacy in Public Health Hospitals

U-turn on mixed-sex hospital wards - Telegraph Private or Semi-private rooms? No, patients in England are treated in large wards.

This might be OK if they had one ward for men and another for women, but they don't, and they don't intend to try. Forget the fact that women have been raped on mixed sex wards, or that 29 percent of wards don't have segregated lavatories (that's bathrooms).

Here is one account of an attack
. Tell me you want to be that 1 woman sharing a "ward" with 3 men.

But hey, the government takes care of you, by putting you in a situation that has been described as "hell." At least by the women.

This Organization is just a Racket for Pedophiles

U.N. confronts another sex scandal - Los Angeles Times Once again - surprise - the Useless Nitwits of the United Nations awake to find "peacekeepers" have sex with underage girls.
Girls as young as 13 were having sex with U.N. peacekeepers for as little as $1.
The punishment for this kind of depravity? You get sent to your room home.
Its report to the U.N. Department of Peacekeeping Operations in New York remains confidential, but mission commanders repatriated 111 soldiers and three officers on disciplinary grounds in early November.
Yeah, that will show them!
[Hat tip to Bloodthirsty Liberal, who has a list of more stories here. Honorable mention to It Comes in Pints?]

No Honor Among Thieves

Fatal robbery attempt closes I-10 The left their injured buddy on the floor and ran like rabbits.
Threatened by three armed robbers, a clerk ... shot one of the would-be thieves about 11:30 a.m., Riverside County sheriff's officials said.
The two fleeing goblins were arrested after they ran their vehicle into another car, and fled that scene as well.

Good Guys get a clean sweep on this one. No good guys were hurt.

Self-defense is a human right.

Interesting Site

Sarah Brady would rather see you raped and murdered than for you to be able to defend yourself effectively with a gun.

So would the Million Moms, the National Organization for Women, the American Medical Association, and the YWCA.
The view of the feminist organization and the victimization industry match my own exactly. (Without victims, they would be out of business.)

Go take a look.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Niceville man shoots masked home invader - Northwest Florida Daily News I think the reporter says it all....
Not long after Niceville resident Harold Crown fired a handgun at three would-be burglars, a teenager turned up at Twin Cities Hospital with a bullet wound to his torso.


The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office thinks not.
The "teen" is still in the hospital, but will be charged - probably - when he is released.

If you break into enough homes, you will meet an armed homeowner. If you are really unlucky, "enough" may be just 1.

Self-defense is a human-right. And it works.

You Hope they get together with Toshiba

Stanford's nanowire battery holds 10 times the charge of existing ones So instead of a range of 250 miles, does this mean that the Tesla would have a range of 2500 miles between charges?

Oh, and if you missed it, Toshiba has a battery that will recharge in 5 minutes - not hours.

Electric cars are looking better every day! Actually, electric everything is looking better!

Anti-Gun Bias - Lies without the Statistics

I don't usually rebut people that have a beef with my writing - or at least not this formally. A comment here and there perhaps, but this post deserves special attention. You can't make this stuff up! Put words in my mouth. Attribute things I never said. Misconstrue things I did say. That all adds up to bias.

Bryan Miller doesn't like guns, and apparently has a problem with gun owners. He certainly has a beef with one of my posts on the shooting at Westroads Mall in Omaha.

In that post I said that the owners/operators of the mall tried to create a gun free zone. They failed, because guns got in without regard to their signs and policies. What I did not do was blame them for the shooting. Bryan Miller thinks I did.
Zendo Deb, writing in her TFS Magnum blog actually blamed those hoping to make their places of business, education, healthcare and worship free of weapons.
The only person I even blame for the commission of a crime is the criminal. Now I do believe that the goblin's actions were made easier by this no-guns policy, but it is not to blame for his actions. That post was about the inanity of putting up "No Crime Allowed" signs and then being surprised that they don't stop crime. (For some of my thoughts on placing blame, you can look here.) It isn't the mall's fault. It isn't the gun's fault (which Bryan Miller appears to blame at one point). It is the fault of the guy who pulled the trigger. The owners of Westroads Mall should realize, however, that their "No Crime Allowed" signs (sorry, "No Guns Allowed" policy) failed miserably. I think it is the wrong policy. I wouldn't shop in Westroads Mall because of it.

If the owners of Westroads Mall really wanted to exclude guns from their premises, they would institute security that looks like the stuff you find at airports. That is how you keep weapons of all kinds out of an environment - by actually looking. But then that might cut into their sales just a bit.

Bryan Miller is also under the delusion that I want to race to his rescue should we both be present at the start of a multiple-victim shooting. He is mistaken. My concern is self-defense. As a responsible adult, he should have a plan for the safety of himself and his family. If while defending myself, I can help him, so much the better, but if my safety can best be served by a hasty retreat, he will be - once again - on his own.

On a related subject it has not been - indeed it has never been - my contention that I want everyone armed. It is not - as he says - "about arming everyone to the teeth." I know very few people that could pull a gun on someone and defend themselves with lethal force. Most of them have been victims of violent crime. I would like to think that most parents could defend their kids, but I am not sure even there. My position has always been, that unless you are sure in your heart of hearts that you can defend yourself with lethal force, don't have a gun. Get pepper spray or a whistle or something, but not a gun. You also need to be willing to spend the time and money to practice, practice, practice. But I do believe you should take some responsibility for your safety. I believe you should wear seatbelts, for example, while riding in an automobile. Does this mean I am blaming anyone who dies in a car crash? No.

Miller also gets some things just plain wrong as well. The background check for a concealed carry permit is a bit more involved than the "insta-check" used to buy guns. I was fingerprinted to ensure that I had no issue in my personal history that would preclude getting a carry permit. I also have to show that I have taken the required safety course. The entire process took 90 days. So is this statement of Miller's a lie, in that he knew the truth and told a falsehood, or is this laziness in that he didn't bother to check his facts? Propaganda or Ignorance? You have to answer that one for yourself.

As to the idea that an armed citizen in the right place cannot stop a multiple victim shooting, all I can say is he has his head in the sand. He apparently has never heard of the Jeanne Assam, and how she stopped such a tragedy just as it started. He has never heard of the Appalachian School of Law or any other instance where crimes were stopped by armed citizens. But let's concentrate on the Colorado event and Jeanne Assam. She was an armed citizen, who choose to defend people important to her. The pastor of the Church in question said she saved many lives. I guess Bryan Miller disagrees.

Let me say it again. My driving force is self-defense. I have been a victim of a violent crime, and I will not go down that road again if there is anything I can do to prevent it. That isn't paranoia, and it isn't living in the past. It is just the plain unvarnished truth. If I am attacked, I will do everything in my power to defend myself. If you are attacked, I may come to your aid, and I may not. You should have given some thought to your response to a violent encounter. (Calling 911 - dial a prayer - isn't the best strategy.) Like wearing your seatbelt in your car, taking precautions and having plans will not make you invincible. (You can still die in a car crash, even if you have a seatbelt and airbags. The odds of doing so change, but do not fall to zero.) There are no guarantees in this life.

Bryan Miller appears to advocate the strategy of trusting in the "No Crime Allowed" signs, and relying on the authorities to save you. He is welcome to embrace that strategy. I just object to his trying to make me adopt the same (failed) strategy. (And of course I object to his bias and propaganda.)
[hat tip to SayUncle for pointing this out to me in one of my comments.]

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Darwin Awards Miss Another One

I am really glad that these kids, and their dad, are OK. But it just reminds me how stupid people can be. Trapped by snow, missing family found alive.

About a year ago, there was a story about the Kim Family. They missed their turn on a highway and started down a country road in the mountains. They were missing for seven days and the father ended up freezing to death. All because they didn't want to spend 30 minutes retracing their steps to take the highway. That and they couldn't believe that the country really is different than the city.

In this story the father and the kids wandered into the woods looking for the perfect Christmas tree, and got lost. My guess is that they had next to no training about being in the woods, and the father certainly had no common sense. They were not dressed for a trip into the woods. Apparently they had no way to make a fire (like a lighter - see what that anti-smoking campaign has done!). Did they have a compass? Did they even try to remember which direction they had wandered away from the car? Did they have the sense given your average door knob?

How far into the woods do you have to go before you should have all of these things? How far outside "the city" do you have to be before you are expected to show the common sense any boy scout would have had in 1920? The safety requirements for my boat do not change with distance from shore. Life jackets, flares, horns or bells, etc. These are required as soon as I leave the dock, not when I pass the outer-marker or the 3-mile limit.

If these people had frozen to death, whose fault would it be, and what would you put on the death certificates? Me, I would vote for death from stupidity. At least for the responsible (sic) adult. But that's me. They were spotted just before a search was called off due to a storm. Would they have lasted another 2 days?

Am I being too hard? The world is hard! You say, "Anyone can get lost in the woods." To which I say, "Then anyone venturing into the woods should be prepared to spend the night in the woods." As Bob G. said about last year's story, "Have respect for Mother Nature, because she has none for you."

The GOP Has Found a Way to Get Me to Vote for Hillary

If they nominate Huckabee, I will probably vote Democratic, no matter who they put up against him.

More on Christmas Cheer - Or the Lack Thereof

In Real Life Sucks, I mentioned a few things that have gone wrong in my life. Things with a financial impact. A trip to the boat-yard, always expensive, that cost a lot more than I had budgeted. Then a water pump that went south to the tune of just shy of 400 bucks. Today I discovered the downstream effects of the water pump. And I use the word "downstream" for a reason.

When the pump went south it started spraying salt water all over the alternator. After a serious bout of procrastination I installed the new pump, started the engine only to discover the alternator had packed it in. Another 90 bucks (or so) to get that rebuilt. I should have that back sometime Friday.

Happy Holidays? Bah F*$King Humbug.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

On Restraining Orders

Number of women and girls killed in Broward rises sharply -- South Florida A story that details a tragic situation in Broward County, Florida (Ft. Lauderdale.). Women murdered by husbands, boyfriends, ex- or not. Some had restraining orders.
"Restraining orders are wonderful devices, but they are not shields," said Hal Weissman, a divorce attorney who represented Lopez. "They don't protect you from bullets, they don't protect you from knives."
They are interesting legal documents, but if you think you need a restraining order, then you probably need a security plan. Calling 911 and hoping the police can save you is bad plan, by the way. "When seconds count, police are minutes away."

Unit Cohesion Issues? We Have a War to Fight

Military Soft On Don't Ask, Don't Tell?, 60 Minutes: Is Military More Tolerant Of Gay Members In Wartime? - CBS News Funny how when we are actually fighting a war that all that bunk about gays and lesbians hurting morale or unit cohesion goes right out the window.

Or to put it another way, the military isn't letting their prejudice get in the way of fighting a war.

This will of course change again, if peace ever breaks out, and prejudice will reign.

How About Because He is a Violent Criminal?

Robber shoots manager for no apparent reason | The Star Press - - Muncie, IN Criminals don't need a reason to be violent, they are violent. At least the violent ones.
"There was no reason why he shot her," said police Lt. Al Williams. "She was cooperating when he pulled the gun out and shot her.
That's right. Criminals will shoot you even if you cooperate. Because they can, and they want to.

The Left - and Lt. Williams seems to fall in with this himself - likes to pretend that if you cooperate with violent criminals you won't be harmed. I'm wondering, Lt. Williams, what should a woman do who is confronted by a rapist? What should a parent do who is confronted by a pedophile? Cooperate? Really. I don't think cooperation is justified, in those circumstances or in most circumstances.

Violent criminals will not become non-violent peace-niks in response to your behavior. Having a plan (and the tools) for self-defense is no guarantee of safety. (There are no guarantees in this life "except death and next winter's snows.") But action, to my mind is better than inaction, especially where my own safety is concerned. You of course are free to make a different choice.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

101 Bonehead Moves

Most of these "brilliant" ideas were hatched by MBAs. 101 Dumbest Moments in Business - FORTUNE There are a lot of them, but stick around for the airline moves toward the end of the list.

More Nanny State Stuff Regarding Home Loans

Fed cracks down on lenders - Dec. 18, 2007 Well I guess it is expected. Since Americans have proved they have no concept of math - even the math involved with their mortgage, salary, taxes, whatever. (If money can't get their attention, I don't know what will.) So Big Brother government has to take care of them.

But I think the Fed is missing one important regulation. It should require all borrowers to read every contract and either state they understand it or have a lawyer working for them who does.

Grow up people. Advertisements, even for home loans, are usually sugar-coated lies. (Or if not lies, next door to...) There is no such thing as a 1% interest rate mortgage loan, when the real interest rates are 5 or 7 percent. Negative amortization is a term you should know - and stay away from. And salesmen will (almost) always try to sell you something more expensive - it's how they make money.

Something About This Story Bothers Me

Officials nab 141 fugitives in sweep - So in four days, local, state and federal authorities arrest 141 bad guys. Why now, and not 2 weeks ago? Why, if they knew how to get to these guys didn't they arrest 50 last month?

Is somebody up for re-election?

How did they find these guys? Was probable cause available for every search? But my real question is why now, and why not 10 at a time as opposed to 141 in four days. Were they all friends so that arrests of 1 would tip off the other 140?

It is good that so many bad guys are in jail. But it still bothers me.

No-knock Warrants and the Problems They Cause - Botched police raids not so rare Given that the number of no-knock warrants has gone from 3000 in 1981 to more than 50,000 today is it any wonder that there are problems.

The police force, and the criminal justice system generally, is just another government bureaucracy, and like all government bureaucracies, is screwed up.

The problem is the number of times no-knock warrants are used when not needed, the number of times they are approved by the courts on really flimsy information provided by an 'informant' who is trying to buy his own freedom by 'cooperating with authorities.'
Perhaps the most publicized in recent months involves Kathryn Johnson, a 92-year-old woman shot and killed when cops mistakenly raided her Atlanta home looking for drugs. The shooting led to the dismantling of that city's narcotics team.
That is not the only event, just the most notable.
Brad and Nicole Thompson, who ran a video-production business from their Spring Lake Park home, had long given cops the benefit of the doubt. They figured cops only targeted bad guys.

Then trouble came calling in March. Cops with bogus information entered their apartment with guns drawn and issued profane-filled orders, some caught on tape, to lie down or surrender.

Oops. Wrong place. A year later, the Thompsons, who have no criminal history, say they are still shaken by the incident and have yet to receive even an apology.
I mean what would an apology cost? It would cost the police department a bit of pride. Must be too much to pay for those egos.

Most of this is the fault of the War on (some) Drugs, but not all. A lot has to do with apathy, and the "knowledge" that all too many people have that things like this will never happen to them, because they don't live in the Real World. They live in Pleasantville. (Or they think they do anyway.)

Comments From a Live Homeowner

JusticeHomeowner calls fatal shooting self-defense | - Houston Chronicle A few days ago there was a story out of Texas, about a guy defending himself and his family from someone breaking into the home through a window.

This story is an update, and has some nice comments by the guy who defended himself.

There was apparently a fight or something going on in his backyard.
"When (people) were in the backyard fighting, I had no intention of going outside or using deadly force or anything like that," said [Damon] Barone, 33. "But when I heard glass breaking, I knew something was going to happen. That changed everything."
Barone, the homeowner, works in accounting and is attends the University of Houston.

When asked if he will move out of the neighborhood after all of this, he said, "I'm not going anywhere." Though he may install a burglar alarm.

Self-defense is a human right.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Gun Rights

Majority in U.S. poll support gun ownership rights -
In all, 65 percent said they thought the Constitution ensures that right, and 31 percent said it did not. The question had a sampling error of plus-or-minus 3 points.
Varies by city versus rural, as you would expect.

Gun Free Zone Liability

Interesting idea. - Gun Free Zone Bill and Review
If you create a gun-free zone, you're liable for any harm it causes.
They are only going to stop doing this when they are threatened with monetary damages.

I hope this is written to include employers who deny self-defense rights to employees. (If you disarm me, then you should protect me. Pretty simple really.)

I wonder if any state will pass it. [via Armed Females of America]

Cold Weather?

I almost forgot to rub it in...

We had unusually cold weather yesterday and last night. The low temp overnight was 44, and the high will only be 60 today. (I actually had to trade in my Tevas for tennis shoes today! Oh the horror.)

Not to fear though, the high will be 70 tomorrow, and 75 by week's end, and the lows will be back in the mid 60s.

Another Restraining Order Fails

The Denver Post - Beau heard killing over phone And the courts fail as well.

This is the tragic story of a 21-year-old woman, stabbed 27 times by her 24-year-old ex-boyfriend. A goblin who would not accept that a relationship was over. Her current boyfriend was unlucky enough to hear the entire thing over the phone.

There was a restraining order. It failed to do anything. He attacked her and was in court.
[He] was charged with stalking, domestic violence, assault, burglary and criminal mischief. He pleaded guilty to criminal mischief in a plea deal and was given a two-year deferred probation sentence in November, according to Colorado Bureau of Investigation records.
He hit her with an iron, did 2500 dollars damage to her car, and he didn't spend any time in jail. So of course things got worse.

The goblin is being held on first degree murder charges.

Neither the police nor the courts can help you. In the instant when that goof-ball breaks down your door, the police cannot protect you. A restraining order will not stop someone bent on violence. You are on your own.

What Would You Do If Someone Kicked in Your Door?

Minn. man shoots cops after SWAT team kicks down wrong door - On Deadline - The police are "considering" charging this guy with a crime - for defending himself, his wife and his six children.

Police love no-knock warrants, and they are probably justified. But when they break into a law-abiding person's home, what do they think is going to happen?

It is a miracle the police didn't kill anyone. Of course if they had killed someone, I am sure a police review committee would have concluded that they were perfectly justified.

Police say they had "bad information." Really? They also have "bad understanding" of the right of self-defense.

Welcome to the police state.

What's a Little Thing Like Facts in the Face of Media Bias?

Mika on Church Shootings: 'Inane' To Think Armed Citizen Can Make a Difference | Mika Brzezinski doesn't like guns. Even when she is discussing a case where one armed citizen made a big difference, she refuses to admit that one armed citizen can make a big difference.

You can view the video here, and you can write to Ms. Brzezinski via the email tool at the bottom of this page. [NRA-ILA]

What does public health care buy?

Is British cancer care the worst in Europe? - Telegraph Michael Moore, call your office...
Britain spends more on cancer than any other major European countries but still has lower survival rates, according to figures released by the Karolinska Institute in Sweden.

The data suggests cancer services in the UK are highly inefficient and patients here are less likely to survive the disease despite the massive amounts of money pumped into treating it.
Just wait until we get this system!

Where is Michael Crichton When You Need Him

Synthetic DNA on the Brink of Yielding New Life Forms - Somehow, this doesn't sound like a good idea.
Now researchers are poised to cross a dramatic barrier: the creation of life forms driven by completely artificial DNA.
Genetically modified crops are a big controversy in some circles. Can't wait for people to get this bit on their radar.

Can't decide which one of Michael Crichton's books this reminds me of.

Watching Weasels

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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cooperate With Criminals and Die

News 14 - Two killed in gas station robbery The Left loves to say that if you cooperate with violent criminals, they will leave you alone. This is - and always has been - a lie.
STATESVILLE, N.C. -- Statesville Police are looking for a man they say is responsible for two deaths and is armed and dangerous.

They say the robbery happened at a Shell service station around 5 a.m. Sunday morning on East Broad St. Authorities say the female clerk and a male customer were shot even after complying with the robber.
Even after they cooperated with a violent criminal, they were both killed.

Your non-violent approach to life will not convince a violent criminal to turn over a new leaf. Especially not when they are involved in a violent crime.

While self-defense is no guarantee of safety either, cooperation is not the panacea that the Left loves to claim. Armed self-defense does often work. For myself, I will choose to do something rather than nothing.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Self-defense Ends Home Invasion

Salt Lake Tribune - Resident snatches gun, kills invader Your dog has been shot, your spouse is tied to a chair, your kid is asleep down the hall, and you are being dragged around the house by an armed home invader. What do you do?
As he was being dragged at gunpoint around his home in search of valuables to steal, the man snatched a gun from one of the invaders and pulled the trigger.
Jesse James Montoya, a suspected gang member, fell to the floor dead. A second home invader and a female accomplice fled the scene, and police were still looking for them.
One goblin dead, with two on the run. This ended much better than it could have.

Self-defense is a human right.

Do you want to feel safe, or be safe?

A grizzly double murder in an affluent suburban mall. Shoppers wary after Boca Raton mall double slayings
"Don't take for granted this peaceful place we've gotten used to around here."

That peace was shattered Thursday morning when Nancy Bochicchio and her 7-year-old daughter, Joey, were found dead in their SUV, the engine still idling.
This was in Boca Raton, a fairly upscale city sandwiched between Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

This has produced two - very predictable - reactions.

The first reaction is shock that such things happen "here."
But while people were shocked by the double homicide at what's regarded by many as a safe and affluent mall, it wasn't going to change their holiday shopping agendas.
"The neighbors were shocked," is a common form of denial. Bad things don't happen "here," they happen to other kinds of people in other kinds of places. Here is a clue: if you are reading this, you live in the Real World - which comes complete with crime, disease, etc. But I guess denial ain't just a river in Egypt.

The second issue is one where the authorities want to make people "feel safe."
Malls and stores also were trying to make their customers feel safe.
The administrators at Virginia Tech forbade legal concealed carry on campus because they wanted students and visitors to "feel safe." The Left wants to limit where and when people can Keep and Bear Arms because they want people to feel safe.

Me, I would rather actually be safe. But hey, that's just my take on reality. Of course you cannot guarantee your safety 100%. It is a dangerous world out there. But the stuff "authorities" due to convince the public that they are in charge of the situation is laughable sometimes. In this case - adding police patrols to the mall parking lot will probably actually work to reduce crime at this location. But will it reduce crime? Won't the criminals just move to other malls, where Palm Beach County hasn't deployed its mounted patrols?

Crime can strike anywhere, even in your gated communities. The police are not going to be there the instant you need them. Get used to the idea that you live in the Real World™

But Japan is a "Gun Free Zone"

Fatal shooting hits Nagasaki sports club - Mainichi Daily News So how did this happen. The Left loves to claim that if we only outlawed all guns for private citizens, peace and tranquility would break forth and ... whatever.

But Japan is a "gun free zone." Private citizens are not allowed to own guns, be armed in public. But that didn't stop a multiple victim shooting from occurring.
Nagasaki -- Two people died and several others were injured after a gunman opened fire at a sports club here Friday, police and other sources said.
No word on why the miscreant fled when he did. Perhaps he had a particular target in mind, perhaps something spooked him. What we do know is that there were no armed citizens available to stop him. [via Ride Fast & Shoot Straight]

Friday, December 14, 2007

The End of British Sovereignty?

Be You Ever So High, The Law is Above�You - Tangled Blog - A TANGLED WEB There is a lot being said about Gordon Brown (for those of you not current on the leaders of our allies, he is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom) signing the new EU treaty. Most of it is unfavorable. The word treason is being bandied about quite a lot.

A Tangled Web - my favorite British blog has this posting, but they are not alone.

EU Referendum has a nice round-up in Ignoring the people.

Or consider what the readers of the Telegraph have to say.

For those of you not paying attention, the new treaty is mostly identical to the EU Constitution that was voted down by several countries. Brown promised a vote on the constitution, but offered none on the treaty.

If you look close, you will find that individual countries are giving up their sovereignty bit by bit. This would be OK if it were done democratically. But something like 70 percent of the British people oppose closer ties with the EU.

The treaty still has to be ratified by Parliament, but the members of that body owe more to the party than the people they represent. It will be hard to stop it.

A side note: You should really be able to name the heads of state of at least some of the countries that are important to the US. PM of Canada? President of Mexico? I just provided the info on the UK? What about France? - the new French President is friendly to the US. Germany? Russia? Iraq? I guess we really aren't paying attention.

Preserved Pirate Ship

This is cool. Diver stumbles upon Captain Kidd's ship - Telegraph 300 year old ship found.
Complete with cannons and anchors, the wreckage of the 400-ton Quedagh Merchant has lain untouched and undiscovered off the coast of Catalina Island in the Dominican Republic.
Go take a look at the photos.

It is Tough to Be a Burglar in Texas

MyFox Houston | Suspected Burglar Shot, Killed by Homeowner You would think with the number of these stories, they would choose a safer profession. (No one said crooks were smart.)
HOUSTON -- A suspected burglar is dead after being shot and killed by a homeowner in southwest Harris County.

Deputies say when they arrived at the home early Friday morning, a man's body was found hanging out part of a window.
Sound of breaking glass brought an armed homeowner face-to-face with the miscreant. (Or alleged miscreant if you will.)

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Recharge that electric car in 5 minutes

Breakthrough battery for electric cars? - Green Machines- One of the things that hurts all electric cars is the recharge time for the batteries. This has typically been measured in hours.

Toshiba's new Super Charge batteries reduces that to minutes, Five minutes. It will take a couple of years for this technology to hit the road in a big way, but only a couple of years.
TOKYO - A new battery that can be recharged to 90 percent capacity in under five minutes and lasts 10 years will start shipping in March, Toshiba Corp. announced this week, hailing it as "a new energy solution" for cleaner transportation.
Things just keep getting better every day.

Don't like that 90% number? Just size the battery accordingly so that 90% charge gives you 100% of the required range.

Electric cars are cleaner EVEN if coal is used to generate the electricity. At least 30 percent cleaner. [Actually it depends, but it can be much better than 30%. That is a PDF, you are warned!] If you still think electric cars are slow, I urge you to take a look at the Tesla, or this little number.

What Does It Mean To Be a Responsible Adult:
Quotes Worth Considering

Push for gun control stems from boomers’ urge to avoid personal responsibility Why is it that whole groups of people are afraid of legal guns and gun owners, as well as the entire idea of armed self-defense? Consider the following quotes.

“A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity.” — Sigmund Freud, General Introduction to Psychoanalysis

“That rifle on the wall of the labourer’s cottage or working class flat is the symbol of democracy. It is our job to see that it stays there.” — George Orwell.

“If someone has a gun and is trying to kill you, it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.” — the Dalai Lama, May 15, 2001.

People are not mature enough to take a responsible place in the world. A good portion of the population is not happy with democracy. (Look at all of the laws to force people to live according to one set of dictates. The War on (some) Drugs jumps to mind, for example.) Most people consider freedom to be OK, as long as you live (vote, worship, whatever) the same way they do. Consider the reaction of Hollywood to Republicans winning elections. Do you think a Jew could ever be elected President?

This is why the media have been hammering the idea that Jean Assam was a trained police officer (she was "official"), and then that she was fired from her job (gun owners are "bad"), etc. They hate the idea of individual responsibility, because someone might call on them to act responsibly.

The one thing most boomers hate is the idea of being responsible for anything. They aren't willing to admit they gambled on a home loan and a home they couldn't afford. (It is the evil bankers fault.) They aren't responsible for losing all of their money on the internet stock bubble. (The brokers lied.) They don't have to spend time raising their kids. (The internet should be censored, TV should be censored, games, records, radio, ... so that they don't need to control what their kids do.) With things like seatbelt laws, they don't want people to be free to make a choice. They want government to make that choice.

I could go on. But let's stick to the topic at hand. Crime and taking responsibility for your safety and the safety of those you care about. Crime has risk values. You can't control all of the factors, but you can control some. If you fail to take the precautions you can, you are not living as an adult. Lock your doors. Wear your seatbelt while driving. Stop smoking. None of these commands will ensure your safety or your health. (People wearing a seatbelt can still die in a car crash.) But mention this in the context of crime and you are accused of blaming the victim. Why? I think Freud said it best. Immature people want their parents (or the government) to protect them. Even when it has been shown the government can't, and doesn't even have the duty to protect.

Consider one final quote.
“The right of citizens to bear arms is just one more guarantee against arbitrary government, and one more safeguard against a tyranny which now appears remote in America, but which historically has proved to be always possible,” said Democrat Hubert Humphrey, vice president and presidential candidate in 1968.
Makes you wonder what happened to the Democratic party. [hat tip NRA-ILA]

Self-defense Stops Home Invasion | 12/11/2007 | Would-be robbers flee when KC homeowner opens fire 3 goblins kick in your front door at 10:30 PM. What do you do?
A Kansas City resident shot at three men who kicked in his front door last night, apparently to commit a home-invasion robbery.
They run like rabbits.

A guy with three gunshot wounds shows up at an area hospital, but proclaims his innocence. (Right!)

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

Seems the LA Times Has Some Problems with Hillary

Top of the Ticket : Los Angeles Times : Why bother voting? Coronate Clinton now. In a collection of classic observations, it is hard to know what to highlight.
Besides getting the endorsement of that faded songstress, the good news for Hillary Clinton these days is her negative rankings are steady--very high but steady.
Just getting Bill C. to shut up would be worth something.

Real Life Sucks

Well, that's probably a bit of an overstatement.

The recent trip to the boat yard cost an extra thousand bucks above and beyond my budget, and then on the way home from that, the raw-water pump on the engine (salt water is used to cool the antifreeze/coolant) packed it in. Another 360 bucks. That was after a few aborted tries at cheaper repairs, I broke down and bought the new one.

It won't be a very merry holiday season this year.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

A Culture of Brutality and Lawlessness

In police departments, that is. Bad Cops in the ’Hood A scholarly study tells us what we already know - even if a lot of us want to refuse to believe.
While residents in Black and Latino neighborhoods may have already accepted this as a reality, a new report documents a troubling tendency by law enforcement agencies to ignore cases of officers accused of brutality and corruption.
They can - and do - get away with an awful lot.

It goes on to cite some of the problems in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, etc. So how do these problems live on?
The Futterman report found the Chicago Police Department had a “deeply ingrained culture of denial which enables certain officers to operate with impunity in certain communities.” The department “goes to great lengths not to know about or address its ‘bad apples’ and the harm that they inflict” on the public and the justice system, said researchers.

The problem isn’t Chicago’s alone. Advocates for police reform have long complained of a “blue wall of silence” and the difficulty of having departments police themselves.

In New Jersey, where De Lacy D. Davis recently retired as a sergeant after 20 years with the East Orange New Jersey Police Department, the same problem exists. “Not only does the blue wall of silence exist, but the organizational culture of law enforcement is white male dominated, racist, sexist, homophobic and then you might find a good cop,” said Mr. Davis. “When you operate in a paradigm that has that as a cultural foundation, it is very difficult for anyone other than those in the dominant culture to seek or get any form of justice.”
It is more than a handful of cops getting out of control. Go read the whole thing.

So They finally Admit She Played a Role

Gunman killed himself after being shot - Los Angeles Times The goblin had been shot multiple times when he committed suicide. They finally have to admit that, but they take a swipe at her anyway, brining up completely unrelated job problems that happened in another state, years ago.

The media hates guns and gunowners, and can't let a hero stand without trying to pull her down.

This story also has more info about the goblin and his internet postings.

Self-defense legal in Texas - Clerk not indicted for shooting robber 12/12/07 Not too surprising. This is Texas after all.
A Lubbock County grand jury on Tuesday declined to indict the store clerk who gunned down a suspected robber.

The clerk fatally shot Jesse Jermane Pearson in November after chasing him from the scene of a robbery, investigators said.
The clerk chased Pearson north on MLK, where Pearson's vehicle broke down near the intersection of U.S. 84 and MLK.

As Pearson left his vehicle and tried to carjack the vehicle, the clerk opened fire, killing Pearson.

When officers arrived, they found Pearson inside the clerk's vehicle.
He defended himself from a carjacking. What would you have him do?

The good guys came out on top in this, and the grand jury recognized that self-defense is legal and appropriate.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Homeowner shoots at armed burglary suspect Even in California, it is legal to defend yourself.
A Bakersfield home-owner shot at an armed burglary suspect, scaring off the would-be crook Monday night. Sheriff officials say the resident has the right to protect himself with deadly use of force.
If someone breaks into your home and threatens you, self-defense is a valid, legal response.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ted Nugent Speaks

Ted NugentGun-free zones get people killed Because of course they are not gun free. The Westroads Mall in Omaha was posted as a gun-free zone, but guns got in nonetheless.
What helped cause the tragedy is the liberal dream known as "gun-free zones." Guns also weren't allowed at Columbine High School, Virginia Tech University, Luby's cafeteria in Killeen, Texas, and every other location where the wanton slaughter of unarmed, helpless victims is a virtual guarantee.
Go read the whole thing. [via NRA-ILA]

Justice for Some, Not for All

Fury as rapists of Aboriginal girl, 10, go free - Telegraph Can you see any racial prejudice in this story?
The judge said the victim "probably agreed" to have sex with the men, who were from Aurukun, a violence-plagued Aboriginal community on the Cape York peninsula of Queensland.
As if a 10-year-old girl could agree - legally - to such a thing.

That judge - Justice Sarah Bradley - is second only to the monsters that perpetrated the original crime. These monsters got a slap on the wrist - barely that. What lesson do you think they will learn? That raping young, black girls carries no penalty?

This Kind of Thing is Supposed to Stop December 1

The Associated Press: Subtropical Storm Olga Forms Or more correctly, the end of November is supposed to mark the end of hurricane season.
Subtropical Storm Olga formed over the Virgin Islands on Monday, 10 days after the Atlantic hurricane season ended, forecasters said.

Olga formed shortly before 9 p.m., the National Hurricane Center said.
Though the wind speed is not high, the risk of flood due to rain is a real risk with these kinds of storms.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Armed Citizen Stops Rampage

Front Sight, Press - The Gun-Free Zone That Wasn’t In all of the reporting of the shooting at the church in Colorado, one thing is getting buried. The shooter was stopped by an armed citizen. That church was NOT a gun free zone.

Syd has the details and some spot on reaction. As in this tidbit.
It has been interesting to watch the language game being played about the security staffer who stopped the rampaging gunman. There has been an obvious attempt to “officialize” her, and I have watched with a certain degree of amusement as the language has morphed from “volunteer” to “plain clothes security officer” in news media reporting. Could it be that the MSM want to do anything they can to avoid acknowledging that this was a legally armed citizen who stopped this murderous attack with a privately owned firearm?
CNN keeps editing their story, without an archive, but here is how the "security guard" was described by UPI.
A parishioner of the New Life church acting as the security guard shot and killed an armed gunman in the second of two incidents Sunday that left five people dead.
She used her "personal weapon." That is, she was a concealed carry permit holder, and when it looked like manure was going to hit the rotating air moving device, she stood forward to defend the people that are important to her. Something adults are called on to do from time to time, even if all too few answer that call these days.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Iranian Students Protest Iranian Government

Iran students break campus gate in protest: reports Verrry interesting. For those of you, like me, who are older than dirt, you may remember that the Sha's government first had problems with students. (Those I always wondered if those shock troops that took over our embassy were really students.)

Any it seems that the current Iranian government is also have problems with students.
Iranian students staged a new demonstration at Tehran University on Sunday, damaging the main gate to allow outsiders into the campus and denouncing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, news agencies reported.

The protesters chanted slogans against the president and carried banners calling for the release of three fellow students who have been held since May in a high-profile case, the Fars news agency and state-run IRNA reported.
Queer Conservative has an interesting photo (which I can't find the source for) that shows "Live Free or Die" as the motto of these students.

It takes a special amount of courage to protest the government in a place like Iran - a place where you can disappear for protesting.

I hope the "Office to Foster Unity" succeeds in their reform plans.

Would you a charge a man with a gun pointed at you?

I don't think I would. I might dive for cover... Homeowner challenges 2 burglars, kills 1 in Houston County | The Journal Gazette I guess the "burglar" in question had other ideas.
Houston County Sheriff Andy Hughes said the homeowner, Pete Webb, dialed 911 at 7:41 p.m., reporting two men had broken into his house. Webb ordered the two men to the floor. The sheriff said Webb fired his handgun when one of the men charged at him.
Break into enough homes, and eventually you will find an armed homeowner, and if your luck is really bad, "enough" may be just 1.

Good Guys 2 (since the other bad guy is in custody), Bad Guys 0.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Does Anyone Remember Kosovo?

Kosovo Serbs, NATO brawl on U.N. village visit | Reuters Kosovo is the province which is - one might say - under dispute between Serbs and Albanians. The United Nations (sic) is trying to administer a "peace process" with their usual amount of success.

Clinton (Slick Willy, not the Mrs.) committed us to Kosovo way back in 1999.
President Clinton announced Feb. 13 [1999] in his weekly radio address that the United States would commit about 4,000 personnel to implement peace in Kosovo. He said the overall goal is to stop the fighting now, rather than later.

"America has a national interest in achieving this peace," he said. "If we wait until casualties mount and war spreads, any effort to stop it will come at a higher price under more dangerous conditions. The time to stop the war is right now."
Not sure what exactly those national interests are in Kosovo - I would be willing to bet that most Americans couldn't find Serbia on a map, let alone Kosovo.

Oh, that's right, it is in America's interest to have stable, peaceful countries in regions of the world that are of interest to us. At least it was in 1999 when Clinton was President.

Anyway, there appears to be no end in sight for the Kosovo conflict. The Useless Nitwits are trying to run the place. NATO (including the US) still has troops in Kosovo trying to maintain some level of peace. But the political situation is stuck. (Can someone point out three instances where the UN's involvement didn't end is some kind of stalemate?) Kosovo intends to declare independence in 2008, and I can't believe the Serbians will be happy about that.

Now, if you are interested in counting the years of US involvement in Kosovo, you probably need to start earlier that 1999. Kosovo is part of Serbia. You do remember Serbia and the Bosnia-Herzegovina conflict, don't you? It was characterized by various events most people would call genocide, but the UN steadfastly refused to use that word. (The UN would be forced to intervene if that word were used.) Anyway the US involved in brokering the end of that war in 1995. The war ended, but terrorism continued. And 78 days of bombing in 1999 sounds a little bit like war to me.

Funny how there aren't Congressional delegates or Hollywood insiders going to Kosovo to demand an end to the US involvement. Or maybe it's not too funny.

Father Defends His Family - Homeowner Kills To Protect Family You are greeted as you come home - with your spouse and two kids - by two armed goblins. What do you do?
"He noticed two men standing at the bottom of his driveway by a fence. As he pulled into the driveway, he stated that those two suspects, they immediately pulled out guns and intended to rob him. It's at that point, the victim stated, that he was armed and that he immediately began to fire," said Mekka Parish of DeKalb County Police.
One is dead. Police are seeking one or two others.

A neighbor's reaction is priceless.
"I feel sorry for the person that's dead," Heath added, "but then we've got to take a serious think about what happened; we're not worried because we know that one will not home invade again."
The police feel the shooting was justified.
Police said Johnson had the right to defend himself and his family, and will not be charged in the fatal shooting.
Self-defense is legal, after all.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0.

You Don't Have to Be Gay to Get Bashed

SDSU Student Attacked After Rally - Most Popular News Story - KNSD | San Diego All you have to do is support gay rights.
While the man attacked the woman, he yelled an anti-gay profanity at her, [a friend of the victim] said. The victim is heterosexual, but [the friend] said she was attacked because she supported gay and lesbian rights.
Of course not even that much is really required; all you have to do is attract the wrong attention.

Police don't believe that this is a hate crime.

Friday, December 07, 2007

“My, what a long bayonet you have!”

Little Red and Gun
Oleg Volk points out how gun control protects the predators among us. [Image Copy Right Oleg Volk.] Click on over to his site to see some other great images.

“A Date Which Will Live in Infamy”

"A Date Which Will Live in Infamy": FDR Asks for a Declaration of War December 7, 1941, the Japanese Empire bombed Pearl Harbor and got the US into World War II at last.

The speech, actually delivered on the 8th, is one of FDR's most famous, perhaps it is his most famous speech. (Audio is available at the link above)

Most Americans believe that Pearl Harbor was an isolated incident. Since we only get our history from movies, perhaps that is understandable. But it was not isolated.
The attack yesterday on the Hawaiian Islands has caused severe damage to American naval and military forces. I regret to tell you that very many American lives have been lost. In addition, American ships have been reported torpedoed on the high seas between San Francisco and Honolulu.

Yesterday the Japanese government also launched as attack against Malaya.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Hong Kong.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Guam.

Last night Japanese forces attacked the Philippine Islands.

Last night Japanese forces attacked Wake Island.

And this morning the Japanese attacked Midway Island.

Japan has, therefore, undertaken a surprise offensive extending throughout the Pacific area. The facts of yesterday and today speak for themselves. The people of the United States have already formed their opinions and well understand the implications to the very life and safety of our nation.
A day to remember, certainly.

These Two Kids Are Lucky To Be Alive

Police: Homeowner Shot At Burglars - Connecticut News Story - WFSB Hartford A homeowner finds 2 teens burglarizing his garage. He shoots at them, but misses. They run like rabbits.

Police catch up with them shortly after that, and arrest the two of them and have charged them with burglary.

It appears the homeowner was justified in shooting, only because the teens threatened him with a weapon - turned out to be a screwdriver. I don't think Connecticut has a version of the Castle Doctrine I would care to live with.

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another Multiple Shooting in a Gun Free Defenseless Victim Zone

From the Heartland gives us the key information in Westroads Mall a safe working environment for Wackos While Nebraska recently enacted concealed carry, owners of businesses are free to keep their establishments free of any legal, defensive weapons.

They thought they were creating a gun free zone. They were wrong. They only created a defenseless victim zone.
The management of that property has signs posted at all of the entrances that might just as well read;

"Criminals, Psychos, and Gang bangers for your protection all of our patrons have for your convenience have been disarmed. Please consider this a safe work environment in which you can rob, rape, steal, maim, shoot, wound and murder as many of our customers as possible."

Those signs only stop legally licensed citizens from carrying a firearm in that building. Those signs have never stopped anyone intent on committing crime from carrying firearms there.
If signs would stop criminals, why not put up "No Crime Allowed!" signs everywhere? Do you really think those signs would stop crime?
By denying citizens the Right to keep and bear arms you are aiding and abetting the criminal element and wackos in the commission of their crimes.
Now Gunscribe lives in Nebraska, so I will take his word about the signs at the mall in question. And I share his sentiments about aiding and abetting the criminal element.

Update: Westroads Mall is a posted "No Gun" zone. Too bad signs don't stop criminals. [via No Looking Backwards]

Update 2: Front Site Press has Things I heard… Proving again that "denial ain't just a river in Egypt." People don't believe they are at risk in the mall. People don't believe it can "happen here." Here's a clue: If you are reading this, then you are living in the Real World™, and in the real world bad things can (and do) happen. They can happen to anyone, anywhere at anytime. You aren't safe at the mall. You aren't safe at the home. Or rather, you are only as safe as you can make yourself.

It is Now Illegal to Eat in Florida Town

Neighborhoodtimes: Observers parse rule targeting Muscovies OK, as stupid politicians go, this group is even more stupid than usual.

They want to control feeding of a nuisance bird, the Muscovy duck. They missed.
The new rule reads in part: "It shall be unlawful for any person in the town to feed or distribute grain or food of any kind or nature to any wild flock of birds, fowl, including chickens or ducks, livestock or mammals of any kind or nature, whether or not they tend to assemble or herd themselves together in a concentrated area."
No feeding of mammals? This makes it illegal to feed your dogs and/or cats. Of course it also makes it illegal to feed your children (they are mammals, after all) or run a restaurant.

What it doesn't outlaw is the feeding of Muscovies, since they are classified differently by the state.

Now you can laugh at the stupid nature of elected politicians in small-town Florida (and you would be justified to do so), but some of these folks will go on to the state house, and probably Congress someday. Hell, people this stupid are already in Congress. And they aren't all from Florida.

Self-defense Stops Home Invasion

STLtoday - Home-invasion suspect critically wounded by resident Four guys invade a home. At least one of them is armed.
The man who was shot carried a gun into the home, but it was knocked from his hand and fell to the floor. He struggled with one of the residents, and was shot in the struggle, police say.
He was shot in the head, and other places. He is not expected to survive.

No word on what happened to the other 3 goblins.

Self-defense is a human right.

It Is Not Your Employer's Responsibility to Secure Your Home

Pro Leagues Reassess Security - I suppose this is to be expected in the day where individuals are not responsible for anything, and they have to look for the government - or someone else playing Big Brother - to take care of them.
The shooting death of Washington Redskins safety Sean Taylor will lead the NFL and other professional sports leagues to reassess their security measures for players, officials from the leagues said.
These guys make enough money to hire their own damn security consultants.

Did Taylor have an alarm system? Was it on? (Too many people leave the alarm off when at home.)

What was the physical security of his home? What quality locks, or windows were installed? Was there a fence? Was there anything.

I don't mean to say that what happened was his fault. It wasn't. Whoever shot him should be held responsible to the highest extent allowed by law. But it is everyone's responsibility to do what can be done about security. Not your employer's (or your union's) responsibility. Taking responsibility for this kind of thing is called acting like an adult.

Before moving aboard my boat, I had what you might call a nice suburban house. Three bedrooms, two fireplaces, wet bar in the family room. I also had an alarm system - with full security for when I was gone and perimeter security for when I was home.

My employer didn't recommend or approve the system. They certainly didn't pay for it or a security review.

That doesn't even cover the large, barking dog, or the .357 magnum under my pillow.

Security is everyone's responsibility. Even if you plan to rely on calling 911 and being saved by the police, you have to be able to call them before you become a victim. (Do you keep your cell phone near your bed, or can the bad guys cut your phone lines and cut you off from help?) Having a plan for security does not guarantee security, but doing nothing leaves you open to attack.

We Hate Our Government

Congress’ Approval Rating at 20%; Bush’s Approval at 32% Both the legislative and executive branches of government are very unpopular. They didn't ask about the courts.

Congress' approval rating is at 20%, just 2 points above the all-time-low of 18% they tied in August of this year.

G. W. Bush isn't doing a lot better, with a 32% approval.

So if just 20% of Americans are happy with the Democratic Congress, only 26% of Democrats approve and only 14% of Independents approve of the Congress, what does this say for the next election?

The funny thing is of course, that while we don't like the bastards in Washington, we keep re-electing our own bastards. Incumbents have much too easy a time getting sent back to DC.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Arrested for what you wrote

LibertyWis. teacher arrested for blog comment - Yahoo! News The end of freedom of speech. A teacher was arrested for writing something.

You may think what he wrote was wrong, but have we given up on freedom in this country? Freedom of speech includes the right to say things you don't like. That won't stop the powers that be from stamping on another piece of our liberty. Can't write anything that isn't "government approved" or you will be charged with "disorderly conduct."

Reality Rears its Ugly Head

After attack at florist shop, victim becomes 'the victor' by getting a permit to carry This is a disturbing story. The events portrayed aren't as horrific as they might have been, but it was bad enough.

A woman assaulted and held captive, escapes, but still suffers from the experience. The realization that an attack can come at anytime in any place pushes her (and those around her) to consider strategies for defense.
Beth, 41, was the only customer in the Carolina Florist shop on Ashley Phosphate Road late in the afternoon on April 10.

The man behind the counter advised her to look through a book so she could pick out a corsage for her son's prom. Suddenly, he held a knife to her throat.
She was able to escape after being tied to a chair and locked in a closet.
Weeks after the attack, she walked into a gun shop for the first time.
It is also an interesting article because of the positive view of the firearms instructor presented, its inclusion of some of the rules of safe firearm handling, and listing of some of the important points in the concealed carry law in South Carolina - where this all took place.

After recovering physically from the attack, she went to see about purchasing a handgun for defense.
As [she and the salesman] talked, Beth saw a fellow church member from Cathedral of Praise. The woman had heard of Beth's kidnapping; she was there to buy pepper spray. Several women from the church, in fact, had come in for spray and stun guns. A group of them was considering purchasing handguns. One of them already was receiving private firearms instruction from Frank [DiNardo, firearms salesman and instructor].
He wouldn't sell her a gun on her first visit because she was still emotionally distraught from the attack. He arranged training classes instead.

Anyway, this is one of the most positive views of firearms and gun owners I have seen in a long time. [NRA-ILA]

It's the Economy, Stupid

Productivity Is Revised Higher, But Gains Could Be Temporary - OK everyone (with the possible exception of Democratic Presidential Candidates) is celebrating the fact that US productivity is up and labor costs are down.
Nonfarm business productivity swelled at a 6.3% annualized rate between July and September, the Labor Department said Wednesday, up from the previous estimate of a 4.9% increase. Last quarter's gain was the biggest in four years and nearly triple the 2.2% rate in the second quarter. Productivity is defined as output per unit of labor.
With labor costs down, and productivity up, there are fewer inflation fears. This is good because the Fed tends to get its collective knickers in a knot over inflation.

Productivity was driven by an increase in output.
Nonfarm business output surged 5.7% during the third quarter, the Labor Department said in Wednesday's report, reflecting the recent upward revision to third quarter gross domestic product. Hours worked fell 0.6%, the steepest drop since early 2003.
And before the Left tries to say that this was all on the backs of the poor worker...
Hourly compensation increased 4.2% last quarter. Real compensation, adjusted for inflation, rose 2.3%.
"A rising tide lifts all boats."

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Lack of Justice in Japan

Japan judges 'biased' on rape | The Australian For all of you who think the US is a horrible place, and that the rest of the world is so enlightened....
Jane claims that after reporting the rape at a police station near the naval base, she was held against her will and interrogated for 12 hours, denied medical treatment for the first six hours, mocked and humiliated and, when finally released, told to drive herself home.
The message is clearly, "Don't go the the police."

Or the courts. The courts in Japan failed to find anything wrong with police conduct. Including, her being forced to "recreate" the circumstances of the attack with her attacker.

No charges were ever brought against the goblin.

All those multiculturalists out there will no doubt think that attacking the Japanese over their view of rape and rape victims is wrong. But what is wrong is the way the police in Japan deal with rape. (Or not deal with it.)

Another Death in the Ratings Wars

Reality (or insanity) TV seems to be the same everywhere. Boyfriend used GPS to track victim’s movements, Spanish News, Spain, Expatica Cybernetic stalking. TV shows interested in ratings, ignoring safety. It isn't just the US that is out of control.
TV researchers were unaware that Navaro had been given a two-year restraining order due to a previous case of abuse that prevented him from making any contact with Orlova.
You have to wonder if they even bothered to look. (These things are in the public record, after all.)

The TV show in question invited both of them on, so that he could propose. She refused and was dead a few weeks later.
[Ricardo Navaro] had apparently activated the GPS (global positioning system) on Svetlana Orlova's phone, allowing him to locate her when he called her number.
Does anyone besides me find this "service" to be a bit warped? I would hope they would be sued to within inches of bankruptcy.

Bet He is Happy to be Married

WBIR.COM - Storeowner's wedding ring deflects robber's bullet Right out of a movie script.
A business owner is shot by an armed robber, but his wedding ring saves his life.
Talk about a one-in-a-million shot.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

He broke in before being shot, cops say A guy breaks into your home at 3:40 AM. What do you do?
[The homeowner] went to the closet, got a shotgun he uses for hunting, and turned on the light in his hallway.
The guy - standing about 5 feet from the now armed homeowner - makes a lame excuse about being in the wrong house.

After a struggle, the goblin gets shot in the leg, but still fights on.
When he continued fighting, the homeowner struck him in the face with the butt of the gun, [a police spokesman] said.
Police think the goblin was on drugs when he broke the window and gained access to the home.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Quote of the Day

From Mary Katherine Ham Discussing the recent YouTube "debate"
I've also never bought into the idea that YouTube debates debase politics, partly because they're already plenty debased.

The Most Disturbing Thing About FBI Hate Crimes Data

JusticeBy far, the most disturbing thing about the data is the lack of it. FBI hate crimes report: disturbing trends against Hispanics and gays | Clarksville, TN Online
Sadly, the report indicates a lot of silence as well. In fact, in Tennessee only 65 agencies even bothered to submit a report. “Well,” one might say, “Aren’t there 95 counties in the state?” Yes, there are. However, in those 95 counties, there are 459 law enforcement agencies. In fact, the national average isn’t much better with a little less than 17 percent of all agencies providing hate crime data.
Alabama only has 1 agency reporting. Only 4 agencies in Georgia report hate crimes. Mississippi has no such agency.
Were there really zero hate crimes in Mississippi? Somehow, I think that’s a little far-fetched. And if the only hate crime in Alabama was the infamous noose hanging in Jena (that noose led to the “Free the Jena Six” campaign), then I have a bridge in Brooklyn to sell for dirt cheap.
As for some of the statistics:
According to the report, there were 770 attacks across the US against Hispanics/Latino-Americans last year. Antisemitism still rears its ugly head, since 1,027 incidents against Jews occurred. In contrast, there were 1,485 attacks based on the victim’s sexual orientation.
3332 blacks were the victims in 2640 racially-motivated hate-crimes. (The full report can be found here.)

CNN Attacked by the LA Times?

Interesting to see an attack on CNN for their treatment of the Republican Presidential candidates in the LA Times. CNN: Corrupt News Network - Los Angeles Times Worth a look.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Democrats More Likely to Be Insane

OK, so that's a bit of an overstatement, but only a bit. Republicans Report Much Better Mental Health Than Others [click the graph for a better view.]

And before you jump on the "its all about wealth" bandwagon, consider this.
One could be quick to assume that these differences are based on the underlying demographic and socioeconomic patterns related to party identification in America today. A recent Gallup report (see "Strong Relationship Between Income and Mental Health" in Related Items) reviewed these mental health data more generally, and found that men, those with higher incomes, those with higher education levels, and whites are more likely than others to report excellent mental health. Some of these patterns describe characteristics of Republicans, of course.

But an analysis of the relationship between party identification and self-reported excellent mental health within various categories of age, gender, church attendance, income, education, and other variables shows that the basic pattern persists regardless of these characteristics. In other words, party identification appears to have an independent effect on mental health even when each of these is controlled for.
The numbers.... are as always, fascinating. (click on the graph above for a better view of the data.) Democrats are 87.5% more likely to report "fair or poor" mental health. Page 2 of the article (first link above) has the breakdown by other demographic criteria.

In the final analysis (no pun intended) does this mean anything? I don't really care except that it is fun to stick it to the Left every now and then. Of course, maybe people with better mental health are Republican. [via Fox News by way of The Violence Worker]

Awareness? How about self-defense?

The Enquirer - UC students launch crime fight It seems there has been a lot of crime on the University of Cincinnati campus lately.

The solution? An "awareness campaign." Yeah, that will work.
As the suspect in an armed robbery near the University of Cincinnati faced a judge Saturday, about 40 students and other volunteers fanned out near campus to distribute 4,000 door hangers offering tips on how to avoid becoming a crime victim.
Look I am all for secure locks and situational awareness and all the rest, but when the manure hits the rotating air moving device, you can find yourself facing a violent criminal with only the resources available to you in the moment.

But of course, even given that Ohio recently passed Concealed Carry, university campuses are still gun free defenseless victim zones. (The spate of armed robbery gives lie to the "gun free" claim.)

Having a firearm for self-defense cannot guarantee that you will not fall victim to crime. "There are no guarantees, save death and next winter's snows." But being a defenseless victim is no guarantee of anything either - except being a defenseless victim. Crime is not something that happens to other kinds of people in other places. Crime can happen anywhere, and strike anyone, even you. You would be best served by having some type of plan to deal with it ahead of time, because once the crisis is upon you, there is no time to plan.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Finally, More Women Are Getting Concealed Carry Permits

More women pack heat The average woman cannot defend herself from the average rapist without some method to "equalize" the situation. Add more than one attacker to the mix, and the problem becomes much worse.
Fueled by crime fears and fading stereotypes about gun owners, [Ms. Bunch] and other women increasingly are opting to carry concealed weapons six years after Michigan reformed laws making it easier to do so.

Permit applications have steadily declined among men after a surge in the first two years the law changed.

They fell for years among women as well, but are rising again. Women may set a record for statewide applications this year, and they're flooding ranges and prompting Wayne County [that's Detroit, Z-Deb] and other training facilities to host "women-only" permit classes.
The police cannot protect you against the rapists of the world, nor can they protect you against abusive stalkers, restraining orders notwithstanding. This is not meant as a dig against police, but a recognition of the circumstances under which the police work. "When seconds count, police are minutes away," even assuming you can call 911 before the crime occurs. Defense falls to you. In those few seconds you have to stop an assault, you are on your own.

A firearm will not make you invincible of course. There are no guarantees in this life, but if you are unprepared you will have no chance. If you are defenseless, then you will be a victim. [Hat tip to The Unforgiving Minute]

Store Owner Stopped a Crime Spree

Headlines: Man's fatal robbery attempt part of crime streak, police say He didn't just defend himself, he stopped a string of crimes (at least 4 have been identified so far) that this guy was responsible for.

55 minutes after trying to rob one liquor store - and failing - he tried again.
Gayton walked into Jet-Way Liquors, where he reportedly pulled a gun on store owner Charles Kellogg while demanding cash.

Police say Kellogg fired a single shot, killing Gayton.

Police spokesman Lt. Skip Arms said Kellogg’s shot ended a weeklong crime wave by Gayton, who began his spree Nov. 20 at The Schnapps Box, a liquor store on South Chelton Road, where the 21-year-old pulled a gun and demanded cash in a noon holdup.
The getaway driver is in custody, tied to at least 2 of the crimes as well.

Self-defense works, and when someone like Mr. Kellogg stops a violent criminal, we are all safer.