Monday, February 04, 2008

The Left Says: Call 911 and "Avoid Confrontation"

New effort targets hate crimes | Seattle Times By the time you realize a "hate crime" (which is a watered down term that usually means "violent assault") is about to be committed, it is too late to avoid a confrontation. Or that has been my experience anyway.

No where do they mention the fact that Washington State has the original "no duty to retreat" form of self-defense laws. And they have a VERY long-standing concealed carry law. But defending yourself against violent attack is not something that ever occurs to the Left.

Now it's true, if a bunch of idiots start calling names, you ignore them. However, I haven't seen that lead to the idiots removing themselves from the situation. And while name-calling may not hurt, you better have some idea of what you are going to do, when they reach the end of their admittedly limited vocabulary and turn violent. And yes, the idiots due tend to run in packs.

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