Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Welcome to My World

Last month, there were numerous blog postings about "How I will never vote for John McCain." Most of these focused on how the "Republican Party has abandoned me," or some other perceived grievance. Let me find my tiny violin.

I supported the Republican Party through the 90s as the party of small government, balanced budgets, and gun rights. But the party didn't so much abandon me as it hated me from the beginning.

What is the Republican position on Gay Marriage? Why? Prejudice. Oh, they talk a good game, but if you look up the arguments used to justify the laws forbidding miscegenation of the races, they are same arguments.

What is the Republican position on gays in the military? Why? Prejudice. That junk about "unit cohesion" is EXACTLY the same argument used to justify segregation in the ranks before Truman's decision.

Let's consider religion for a moment.

There is a plank in the Texas state Republican platform stating that the US is or should be a Christian country. Really? I realize that the term "the wall between church and state" doesn't exist in the Constitution, but do you realize that phrase was written by Thomas Jefferson talking about the formation of the Constitution? So you want judges to consider "original intent" - or is that only about issues where you agree with the "original intent?" So the rest of us who aren't Christian, or the even larger number who aren't "your brand" of Christian, we can just go pound sand? Nice.

Why is it that on George W. Bush's watch, the Veteran's Administration refused to recognize a particular religion, namely Wicca, and allow grave markers of Wiccan veterans to be marked appropriately? Why was that? Isn't "Freedom of Religion" a cornerstone of this country? Or is that only for religions that you like? The truth is that this Republican administration is prejudiced against non-Christians. Not so much against the mainstream, but they showed nothing but contempt for Wicca. (See this story for a look at how widows of fallen servicemen are treated - if they happen to be Wiccan. And no I'm not Wiccan, but they are probably the most persecuted religion in America today - at least by the government.)

Part of me laughed at all those people so pissed that the Republicans didn't select a candidate that they liked. They jumped up on their high horses and proclaimed, in typical holier-than-thou fashion, about how they would never vote for the lesser of two evils. Good for you. But I have been forced to vote for the lesser of two evils in almost every Presidential Campaign I ever voted in.

It has been funny to watch the Right morph into a perfect mirror of the deranged Left we were treated to after George W. Bush was elected. McCain derangement syndrome? Maybe. No compromise - not just on first principles, but on anything. If everybody felt that way, George W. Bush would not have been elected either time.

Anyway, I've had enough. The Democrats are totalitarian in their efforts to take care of everyone. The Republicans are totalitarian in their efforts to control morality. I will probably vote for one of the two of them - the Libertarian party is mostly insane, Nader is a Communist joke - but I won't be happy about it.

But I'm done with the Right. Almost in exactly the same way as I broke with the Left years ago, They are a bunch of sanctimonious pricks who want to tell me how much better than me they are because they won't "compromise their principles." But then are we really talking at those extremes? Fine - but be prepared for the consequences.

Either Clinton or Obama will work to institute more gun control, starting with registration and microstamping, and everything else, probably including a new "assault weapons" ban. But the holier-than-thou folks will say "it isn't my fault" for voting for "brand X" candidate. They will be very happy to proclaim how they didn't compromise. Not just on their first principles, but they didn't compromise on anything. Of course politics is compromise, but they don't care. They just want to proclaim their righteousness.

Of course if that was the way we all felt, the 25% of the gays who voted for Republican Candidates in the past would have turned to the Dems - or some other party. And neither Bush would have been elected. The Jews who voted for Republicans would have taken a look at that plank in the Texas party platform, decided they weren't interested in a party that doesn't think they have a place in America and gone searching for another party.

So go ahead, stay up on your high horse, refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils and lets see how you like living under the greater evil.

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