Monday, March 31, 2008

When Political Correctness Runs Amok

CFP: So What if I’m Racist? If you oppose immigration - unbridled and illegal - you will be labeled a racist. The substance of your argument will be dismissed.

This is the view of an environmentalist struggling with the issue in Canada.
I’m an environmentalist and I have chosen to make a lot of noise about immigration. In doing so, as one could predict, I am just about as popular as flatulence in an elevator. I talk loudly about the ugly “I” word because I would rather be right than politically correct. I know that if we grow our population by 18% we can’t expect to cut our GHG emissions by 3%. It can’t be done. I know that if we have covered 20% of our Class 1 farmland in sprawl with this kind of growth that we haven’t a hope of feeding ourselves when the oil runs out if immigration rates persist.
Green house gas targets connected to population? (The Left would never look at GDP created for those gas emissions.)

Political Correctness is all about silencing speech. You are not allowed to say anything that isn't government approved. Soon you will only think the approved thoughts.

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