Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Quote of the Day

Dykes to Watch Out For - episode #526
If I hear one more person wax rhapsodic about how Obama inspires them, I'll cough up a giant hairball of HOPE.

More on Pizza Hut and Guns

Questioning Zero Tolerance on Guns With some perspective by Eugene Volokh of the Volokh Conspiracy. Worth a look, since he is a law professor.

For my part, as much as I don't want anyone to get hurt, I know that one day a Pizza Hut delivery person is going to be hurt. On that day I hope they sue Pizza Hut and Yum Brands for failing to provide security.... since they disarm their employees, they need to step into the gap they created. But they don't do that of course. Especially for their delivery drivers.

Home Invader Meets Armed Homeowner

With the expected result. Police: Suspected Burglar Shot By Home Owner - News Story - WHIO Dayton
Sgt. Scott Lawson said, “At this time, it looks like an aggravated burglary and that the homeowner defended his home. But it is still being investigated.”
The goblin was shot by the homeowner and taken to a local hospital. No word on his condition.

Self-defense works.

Stupid Lawsuit of the Day

Islanders want legal right to be 'true lesbians' - Telegraph A legal action to change the common usage in the English language of the word "lesbian." (And other languages as well... including Greek.)
Residents of the Greek island of Lesbos launched a legal action yesterday against a homosexual group, insisting that only islanders had the right to call themselves lesbians.
Lawyers are the same everywhere. And of course there will be some lawyer in Greece that thinks this is a good idea. (Or he thinks it will get him a lot of billable hours - which is a good idea as far as your average shark lawyer is concerned.)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

He must have been violating one of the rules

Alleged robber accidently shoots himself while fleeing Campbell store - San Jose Mercury News Safety first. But for this guy, it will be jail first.
An apparently fumble-fingered armed robber gave Campbell police a valuable clue to his capture when he accidentally shot himself while getting away from a liquor store.
He was arrested when he showed up at the hospital with a bullet in his leg.

Stupid criminals.

What a load of dung

Reluctantly, a Daily Stops Its Presses, Living Online - New York Times Oh, the horror. An afternoon newspaper, with next to no circulation, has decided to stop killing trees printing and move online only.

Let me find my tiny violin.

Change or die. Nothing is the same as it was.

They say that
Once upon a time, the afternoon newspaper was the Internet of its day, Mr. Baughman said, giving afternoon baseball scores and stock market reports in a quick turnaround. It was the more lucrative slot as a result.
Well the horse & buggy was the fuel injected, turbocharged sport sedan of its day. It went the way of the dinosaurs just the same.

And I think the real fear in what happened to a "liberal" paper in a small-big-city, is that it is likely to happen just the same to big-city papers soon.

Not to mention how the killing of all those trees, and the paper mills and the trucks, presses, et cetera have to have a pretty large impact on the 'carbon footprint' of all those liberals in Madison, Wisconsin.

How are those circulation numbers looking? [via Kate]

Gun Bans? "That's what people do when they don't understand the problem"

two | World | A look beyond the handgun ban: What if you really wanted to stop gun violence? Would you look to a ban?
Bans? "That's what people do when they don't understand the problem," says Juan Johnson – or "Big Juan," as he's fairly known in the hardscrabble neighbourhoods on Chicago's gang-infested west side.
Johnson works for Ceasefire, an organization of ex-gang-members who are working to stop gang violence.

But you don't have to believe "Big Juan." Take a look at the numbers.
Chicago outlawed handgun sales in 1981. In the past week, there have been 40 shootings
In 2003 Chicago was the murder capital of America. Since then, they have reduced shootings quite a bit, without a single new gun-control law. So do you want to control guns, or do you want to control crime?

Continuing to do the same thing and expecting different results is one definition of insanity. This story details several organizations, including Ceasefire, that are trying to do something different and achieve a better result. And they are achieving results in Chicago, Cincinnati, and elsewhere. [via Uncle]

Quote of the Day to Compromise on Gun Control::By Mike S. Adams: What happens when a liberal college professor runs across a group of pro-concealed carry students? He loses it. In the aftermath, one person realized a partial gun ban may be needed.
It was then I realized that a partial gun ban is necessary. Specifically, I concluded that liberals cannot be allowed to own guns, much less carry them on our college campuses. If they cannot control their emotions enough to engage in rational debate, they cannot be expected to handle a firearm responsibly. Handguns were not made for people with shaking hands and raised voices. They were made for those with self-control.
Maybe I could get behind this as well. [via Alphecca]

UN Peacekeepers Acting More Like Criminals

BBC NEWS | Africa | UN frustration at DRC allegations The frustration is that the Useless Nitwits at the United Nations don't like to talk about the bad things that the peacekeepers do while not keeping the peace.
But on the allegations of gold smuggling by the Pakistani peacekeepers, the OIOS report did establish that some Pakistani troops provided meals, transport and security to businessmen engaged in the illegal trading of unwrought gold.
Great use for UN peacekeepers.

At least the UN now investigates. (Though the current investigation started in 2006, it hasn't done much.) It wasn't that long ago that sexual misconduct was considered part of the cost of doing business - at least by the UN.
The UN has come a long way from the days when one official observed that "boys will be boys," when commenting on a sexual abuse scandal involving UN peacekeepers.
Admitting that crime is crime, doesn't really seem like they've come all that far, to me anyway.

And what happens to misbehaving peacekeepers? They get sent sent to their rooms back to their home countries. Yeah, that's punishment. And the UN has no incentive to see they are prosecuted, and some incentive not to. They are dependent on those countries for peacekeeping troops, after all.

This isn't even the worst allegation to be leveled against United Nations peackeepers in recent yeas. It is only the most recent set. See the UN labeled posts (link below) for a litany of the crimes committed by UN officials and peacekeepers. I for one would be happy if the US dropped out of the UN.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kidnapped Twice in One Week Despite Court Order

JusticeEffectiveness of restraining orders questioned Not sure how I missed this....
GRANTS PASS, Ore. -- The kidnapping of Lisa Melville for the second time in one week by an ex-boyfriend has forced law enforcement officials to address the effectiveness of restraining orders under the growing pressure of shrinking budgets and staffing levels.
Out of jail in less than a week despite kidnapping and violation of a restraining order. And this wasn't the first time that the court order was violated. Yeah, that is the system I would bet my safety on.

The "system?" Well, it says it only needs more tax money. (Given that no matter how much tax money you give them, they have no duty to protect you, I can't see how that is going to be money well spent.)

The people who obtain restraining orders need to take other actions to protect themselves. I believe firearms can provide that protection, provided you are willing to use it. But whatever your feelings about firearms, no one should assume that the police will handle it. Not even if you give them more tax dollars.

The police cannot protect you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. They can respond to a call, but they are likely many minutes away. Take some action for your own defense.

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Would-be robber shot and killed in liquor store | The Tennessean Well, one bad guy did get away, but no good guys were hurt, and they got no money from their crime.
Two men entered Sinkers Wine & Spirits on Gallatin Pike around 10 p.m. and attempted to rob the store with handguns, Capt. David Imhof said. During the robbery, a customer took out a handgun of his own and began a shootout, Imhof said.

One of the robbery suspects ran away, but the other collapsed outside the store, Imhof said. He was taken to Skyline Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.
This is exactly what legal concealed carry is supposed to do - allow the good guys to protect themselves from the bad guys.

Self-defense is a human right.

The Beginning of the End of Vote Fraud?

Supreme Court upholds photo ID voting law - Yahoo! News One can only hope that this will put paid to things like dead people voting in Chicago, and the 10,000 fraudulent questionable votes cast in Wisconsin during the last Presidential election.
Resolving a partisan political battle, the country's high court voted 6-3 to reject a legal challenge by Democrats that Indiana's toughest-in-the-nation voter identification law would deter minorities, the elderly and others from casting ballots.

The main opinion agreed with Republican supporters that the law was necessary to prevent voter fraud and safeguard public confidence in the integrity of elections. The Bush administration supported the law.
Why would the requirement to have state-issued ID deter the elderly? My father - who is elderly - has a drivers license and a passport. I can see where it might keep illegals from voting, but that is a good thing. Do minorities not drive? Or need state-issued IDs to cash checks, obtain credit, or do any of the other things you do in modern society?

Or were the Democrats just worried that this would move a few states to the other column?

It may not be possible to pass laws in all 50 states similar to Indiana's law before this election, but we should certainly try.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't Try to Rob a Restaurant That Contains a Uniformed Police Officer

The St. Louis American: Local News OK there was a police officer - armed and in uniform - acting as security, when a hoodlum tried to rob the place. He didn't succeed.
Friday morning at about 1:20 a.m., [the dead guy] walked into the Denny's ... and pulled a stocking mask over his face, police say. He pointed a dark-colored handgun at the officer, who was sitting at the counter.

The officer was wearing his police uniform, working what's called "secondary" -- hired by the restaurant to act as security. Detectives aren't sure if Holloway spotted the officer when he first walked into the restaurant.
The unidentified officer fired several shots, police say.
He died in hospital about 40 minutes later.

Don't think I've ever been in a restaurant that needed security guards like this, but these folks apparently know what they are about.

The dead guy? He had served 12 years for various robberies and was on parole.

Attitude Always Helps

KSWO, Lawton, OK- Wichita Falls, TX: News, Weather, Sports. ABC, 24/7, Telemundo - Prosecutors determine stabbing was self defense Too many people would give up. Alice Pittman did not.
[Assistant District Attorney Charles] Migliorino says Pittman was kidnapped by 37-year-old Presley S. Hamilton on April 7, but was able to get his pocket knife before stabbing him twice.

She then called 911 to notify the sheriff's office.
Self-defense works, but it requires the right attitude.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is Amazing: Self-defense legal in the UK

Cleared: family man who killed a 'burglar' | News Speechless doesn't begin to cover it.

A man killed someone breaking into his home. Police said he would be charged with murder.
After the death on 29 February, police told him he could be prosecuted for murder. The case sparked fresh debate over how and when householders should be allowed by law to defend themselves.

Today, however, the Crown Prosecution Service announced Mr Pitkin would not be charged because

there was no proof he had acted unlawfully. It added that householders were entitled to use "reasonable force" in self-defence when facing an intruder.

The ruling will be welcomed by campaigners who argue in favour of the right to fight back against burglars.
This hasn't happened in a very long time in the UK.

Obama Wants More Gun Laws

Laws alone can't stop violence: Obama :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES While he does admit that the bans in Chicago and DC aren't working he does want to pass more gun laws. How about implementing Operation Exile? Something that we KNOW works to reduce gun crime is a stretch for a Democrat I guess, or maybe he just has to pass new laws. Using existing ones isn't good enough.

As for the "better" background checks, you have to wonder what he wants? Some ridiculous set of hoops to jump through that the criminals will ignore anyway. Democrats don't seem to understand that criminals, by and large, do not buy guns in the legal system.

But then he isn't interested in controlling crime, just controlling law-abiding gun owners. [NRA-ILA]

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Self-defense Works in Texas

HPD: Pawn-shop owner shoots robbery suspect (w/video) | - Houston Chronicle Three miscreants try to rob a pawn shop and run straight into an armed businessman.
A robbery suspect is in critical condition at a hospital after he was shot by a pawn shop manager during an attempted hold-up, Houston police said.
The teenager jumped over the counter and threatened to kill everyone inside the store, police said.

"The manager was able to pull a pistol and shoot the man," [Houston Police Sgt. Brian] Harris said.
The other two ran like rabbits. Police are still looking.

In True Chicago Fashion, Obama Involves the Dead in His Campaign

Dead actor Roy Scheider donates to Barack Obama campaign anyway : Top of the Ticket : Los Angeles Times Chicago has long seen the dead vote. The standard election-day mantra: "Vote Early! Vote Often!" It seems that tradition lives, in a way.
Sen. Barack Obama does come from the Chicago school of politics, where historically voter turnout has been unusually high for residents of certain graveyards. And he has been unusually successful raising money.Actor Roy Scheider in his Jaws role as the local policeman He died Feb. 10 at the age of 75 but somehow one month later donated $50 to the presidential campaign of Illinois Democratic Senator Barack Obama of Chicago

Now, he's raising money by raising the dead.
Doesn't surpris me one bit, since the dead have always been a part of Chicago elections.
Scheider was unavailable for comment
It is all a credit-card mix up, says the campaign. It won't happen again.

"You're gonna need a bigger boat."

(To be fair, it might all be a credit card mix-up, but having lived in Chicago, and seen the way politicians behave there, I find this completely funny.) Via Bitter

Two More Goblins Off the Street

Two arrested in 'Make My Day' shooting A few days ago I wrote about a self-defense shooting in Colorado. The sheriff and the prosecutors had determined the shooting was legal under Colorado's 'Make My Day' law. Today, an accomplice at the scene of the shooting and one other were arrested.
The second suspect on the scene has been identified as Cheri Penn, 36, of Colorado Springs. Penn was taken into custody late April 21 for questioning about this incident.

Penn also had a no bond warrant for parole violation out of the Department of Corrections. Late on April 22, Penn was booked in on the following charges:

-- First Degree Burglary/Class 3 Felony
-- Conspiracy/Class 4 Felony
-- Tampering with Physical Evidence
One other person was arrested, for apparently conspiring to help Penn stay out of trouble. (The article isn't clear - to me anyway.) But he is charged with being an accessory, tampering with evidence and obstructing government operations.

Three (alleged) criminals off the street because the law-abiding can defend themselves in Colorado.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What Causes Teen Violence?

Adolescents, Neighborhoods, and Violence: Recent Findings From the Project on Human Development in Chicago Neighborhoods - 217397.pdf (pdf Object) Well one group of researchers in Chicago tried to find out by running an accelerated longitudinal study of 6000 kids in various Chicago neighborhoods. The interviewed the kids, and/or their caregivers for the youngest cohorts, regularly over several years. The results are mostly unsurprising.
Why did youth of different ethnic groups commit more or less violence? Their neighborhood conditions, parents’ marital status, and immigrant generation accounted for most of the difference.
Marital status matters. Kids living in 2-parent households are less violent than kids in single-parent homes.

Kids in neighborhoods consisting of first and second generation immigrants committed less violence, and this was strongly indicated by their own immigrant status (i.e., if the kids themselves were first or second generation).

Neighborhood status had a huge impact on the numbers.
Among these factors, neighborhood conditions had the strongest influence on youth violence, accounting for about 30 percent of the difference in violence between African-Americans and whites. Less violence was committed by youth living in neighborhoods with more first-generation immigrants and where more residents were employed in professional and managerial occupations. Youth living in neighborhoods where adult residents were more cynical about the law also reported more violence. Once these factors were accounted for, the neighborhoods’ racial composition did not matter.
On the individual level, youth with low verbal skills and poor reading skills tended to be more violent.

There is a whole section on guns in this report, but since guns are virtually outlawed in the city of Chicago, all of the interaction a kid will have with a gun will likely be an illegal gun. This is especially true of handguns, which are effectively banned - at least for the law-abiding. Other studies have shown that interaction with legal guns - via family for example - is a big influence with crime in youth. Kids exposed to legal guns by family are LESS - much less - likely to commit crimes of all sorts, while kids exposed to illegal guns are more likely to commit various crimes.

Still this is an interesting study of crime in society, conducted in one of the most crime-ridden cities in our country. Should policy flow from this?

One of the easy things would seem to be improve the reading and verbal skills of kids. But can we? Bill Cosby got crucified for noting that there is an anti-intellectual bent in some minority communities. Until those communities change that bias, the schools will not prevail. How can they? If kids don't want to learn, they won't learn. If no one in a neighborhood values academic achievement, then no one will achieve.

Look at and consider that factor in violence as explained above above. Neighborhoods contribute to less violence ...
where more residents were employed in professional and managerial occupations.
Where people value education and achievement, kids internalize the values we cherish in society, values like hard work and achievement and resolving issue without violence.

Hard to say what policies this should drive. Of course that is probably moot, because our elected reps won't read this brief - forget having them read the detailed report. Policies that back marriage? Policies that improve reading? And the multiculturalists will get in the act and say the polices are anti-something. They aren't really interested in fixing the violence in society. Politicians concentrate on pork barrel spending and raising taxes and terrorizing the electorate with whatever "the bad thing of the day" happens to be. The cultural police concentrate on the destruction of the American culture.

Anyway that's what I get for reading the FBI Bulletin.

Happy Earth Day? Hardly

Earth Daze, Courtesy Of Al Gore So with food riots breaking out all over the world, we celebrate (?) Earth Day.
The production of food grains has increased. But it is being diverted to empty gas tanks, not empty stomachs. Gore and others have warned that climate change is an imminent threat to the world. We would argue that climate-friendly policies are more of a threat.

The Gore-induced rush to biofuels has diverted crops such as corn, soybeans and palm oil from food to fuel. Vast swaths of rain forest in places like Malaysia and Indonesia have been cleared to provide farmland not to feed the hungry but to fuel our cars. Our own grain belt has been increasingly diverted to ethanol over corn flakes.
Grain and food prices go up - 65% since the first of this year. Poor people, who could barely afford food under the old prices, starve. Is that a plan of the environmental Left? I don't think so, but I would not be surprised to see some make that argument.

Welcome to the world of unintended consequences. The real world, where decisions and choices have multiple consequences, and anyone offering you an easy solution to your problems probably has an ax to grind.

Bank Tellers are Trained to Cooperate

Juveniles Questioned After Pregnant Teller Shot - Employment News Story - WMAQ | Chicago Or for the most part they are. And from the description, she wasn't "resisting" when she got shot.
"This is senseless. Some poor lady, trying to make a living, pregnant, shot by a man without any provocation," said Indianapolis Police Chief Michael Spears.
Imagine that! A violent criminal unleashing violence without any provocation. But the Left tells us to cooperate and we will be safe. I guess they got that one wrong.

Pizza Hut: Still Opposed to Legal Self-defense

Backlash: Pizza Hut Delivery Driver Fired For Shooting Armed Robber Well this was never in doubt really. Pizza Hut wants people to die for pizza, rather than be able to defend themselves.

You see a few weeks ago, one of their delivery drivers walked into an ambush. He thought he was delivering a pizza, but he ran into an armed robbery attempt. A very unsuccessful attempt, in that he shot the would-be robber, and the robber's girlfriend was arrested for conspiracy. All very legal and fine.

But that isn't what Pizza Hut wants its drivers to do. They want the drivers to be disarmed victims. What do you think?
"You tell me any Iowan that was in his situation, that had a gun put to his head, how they would've reacted differently," state Sen. Brad Zaun of Urbandale said. "I think it's the wrong decision by Pizza Hut and I will not be buying any more Pizza Hut products."
Yum Brands, the parent company of Pizza Hut, also owns Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, and A&W. None of them will be getting any of my money either.

Self-defense is legal in Colorado - Man who shot, killed intruder won't face charges They have a "Make my Day Law" that permits self-defense in the home.
Deputies and prosecutors who investigated the case determined William Fresch, 65, "acted in accordance with Colorado law in protecting himself, inside his home," according to a statement from the Douglas County sheriff's office.
Self-defense is a human right.

A New Crisis?

Wafflegate? Bittergate? Can't anyone come up with better names than this?

Let the man eat his waffles in peace. He doesn't want to talk to reporters. Now that they are doing more than waxing poetic about some nebulous, hoped-for change, and are expecting him to answer real questions about policy or associates or whatever, he doesn't want to talk to them. [via Classical Values]

Turns Out Gun Owners Aren't Bitter After All

Trigger Happy - Barack "Don't say my middle name" Obama pissed people off about guns, religion and being bitter. But it tuns out he should have checked the facts first.

Not that Liberals ever let a little thing like facts stand in their way.
Who are all these gun owners? Are they the uneducated poor, left behind? It turns out they have the same level of formal education as nongun owners, on average. Furthermore, they earn 32% more per year than nonowners.
There are the 34% of households that own guns. (San Fran Lefties probably won't believe this.)

And then there are the 36% of gun owners who say they are "very happy" as opposed to the 30% of non-gun-owners who are "very happy." It goes on from there, but I think you can see that "gun owners" as a group aren't bitter.

We give more to charity in terms of money (beyond what you would expect given the higher average income). We donate more blood.

So Senator Obama, do you want to talk about bitter gun owners? I didn't think so.

Monday, April 21, 2008

You have to always fight back

So, it seems past time to post this info. Not "again" since it is seriously updated since the last time. But it is the same as well.

You see, I have once again be "discussing" the idea of self-defense and whether or not it works with various people. A lot of people don't like to think about the need to defend themselves, but crime can strike anytime, anywhere. Crime isn't something that happens in other kinds of places to other kinds of people. (Warren Buffett has been the victim of a home invasion. Why are you immune?) "It can't happen to me," is avoidance at best. Denial ain't just a river in Egypt. Consider how many news stories contain the "neighbors were shocked" paragraph. People can't believe that crime came to their little corner of Pleasantville. They apparently didn't know that they live in the Real World™.

Women faced with violence need to fight back. It makes a positive difference - statistically - in the outcome.
Compared to raped women, rape-avoiders were more likely to be the eldest daughter, taller and heavier, and never married. They played sports in childhood, and held nontraditional views of their future roles. Situational factors positively associated with rape included nighttime, the use of force, no observers, first-floor residence, and inside attack site. Of five active resistance strategies examined, talking was most frequently used, fleeing was most successful, and pleading was least successful. In general, these women all used a combination of strategies in responding to attack. The most frequently used combination of strategies among avoiders was screaming and physical resistance. Avoiders most frequently used three strategies, while rape victims used only one strategy. Fear of rape and determination not to be raped were the avoiders' main concerns, while fear of death/multilation was the victims' chief concern. Avoiders also appeared able to perceive danger from ambiguous clues earlier in the scenario than did women who were raped. Results suggest that the traditional advice that women should not resist a rape attempt may be misguided.
Misguided was an understatement. Women who are removed from one location by an attacker, almost never survive. Resistance is not futile, but can make all the difference in the world.
The results indicate that 85 percent of the women in the study who resisted with physical force did so in response to the offender's initiated violence. The remaining 15 percent who resisted with physical force did so in response to the offender's verbal aggression. Moreover, those women who responded with physical aggression to the offender's violent physical attack were more likely to avoid rape than were women who did not resist such force. Also, the potential for physical injury was no greater for these women than for those who used other resistance strategies or who offered no resistance. These analyses suggest that the correlation often found between physical resistance and victim injury might be the result of the initial level of the offender's violence and should not be used to discourage women from physically resisting rape.
Only the abstracts are available on-line, but they convey the salient points.

Resisting, does not guarantee safety, just as wearing your seatbelt does not guarantee safety. You can still die in a car crash. Wearing a seatbelt only changes the odds. Resistance also changes the odds. There are no guarantees in this life. and are the two most recent stories I recounted on this theme. is list of self-defense stories from various venues and covering various crimes. It isn't ghoulish to know that self-defense works, or to be happy when the law-abiding avoid becoming victims.

The best thing, of course, is to avoid any situations that you can. You cannot avoid a situation that you are not aware of. Be aware of your surroundings. Who is there behind you? Don't walk around like you are looking for spare change on the ground or looking in your purse for your keys. (Your keys should have been in your hand before you stepped outside.) Don't be running around lost in your iPod universe. Trust your instincts. If you think something is wrong, pay attention to it. It may be nothing, but then your safety is worth it. (see this link for a definition of situational awareness.) If you look like a harder target, you may get passed by - in favor of whoever is looking for change or rummaging in her bag looking for keys 20 yards behind you. *

Fleeing is the "most successful" strategy. Get the biggest head start you can. Don't forget that they may run faster than you - maintain the situational awareness. Screaming is good. Scream "Fire!" "Help" people can ignore. "Fire" might just impact them. (And if you hear someone screaming, at least call the police. Don't assume someone else did. Going to their aid can be problematic, but that is why we formed society in the first place. Collect some of the neighbors and investigate in a group. Remember Kitty Genovese. Or see the short version.)

If you have to fight, then you fight to get away with all of your might and all of your heart and soul, or as it has been said, Fight Like a Cornered Cat. And no, this isn't vigilantism. Self-defense is legal, and it is a human right.

Calling 911 is a good idea, if you have time, but even then, when seconds count police are minutes away. This isn't a bash against the police; it is just a recognition of the conditions they work under. And 911 systems often have some problems.

It seems that whenever I talk about self-defense, someone will accuse me of "blaming the victim." The only person I ever blame for a crime is the criminal. See Responsibility and Blame for my position - part of it anyway.

On the subject of "taller and heavier" women being more able to avoid rape, well small women (small people generally) are at a disadvantage in a physical confrontation. Which is one of the many reasons I think more women should carry concealed weapons.
Be Not Afraid Of Any Man No Matter What His Size.
When Danger Threatens Call On Me And I Will Equalize
It is as true today as it was in the 1870s when Colt introduced the Peacemaker; in a physical fight, not everyone is on equal footing.

Where the state disarms you, or if you are not comfortable with firearms and the idea of armed (lethal) self-defense, get a stun-gun, or carry mace (military strength if you can get it) or pepper spray, or walk with a cane. (They haven't outlawed canes anywhere that I know of.) Anything to give you an advantage. All of them are problematic in one way or another. Be aware of the problems. Make a plan and practice it. In an emergency, the best you can hope for is to do what you planned to do. If you plan nothing, then you will do nothing.

* Two guys are camping when their campsite is attacked by a grizzly bear. One guy sits down and starts putting on his running shoes. The second guy says, "Are you crazy? You can't outrun a bear!" To which the first guy says, "I only have to outrun you." Being aware of your surroundings makes you just a bit more prepared than the next person, which makes you just that much less attractive as a target. Being the "tougher target" means not being selected as a target in the first place.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

So Many People Told Me She Could Never Win

Patrick Breaks Auto Racing Barrier - New York Times Well she won.
Patrick, 26, who in 2005 became the first woman to lead the Indy 500, won in her 50th IndyCar Series start. Three drivers ahead of her had to stop for fuel late in the race, and Patrick took the lead from Castroneves on the 198th of 200 laps.
Well done.

How To End a Home Invasion

Identity Of Man Killed In Home Invasion Not Yet Released At least two armed goblins enter a home. They pistol whip one woman and kill the homeowner's dog.
“The two that we know actually entered the house were armed. The homeowners themselves became armed and at that point the shooting starts,” [Houston Police homicide detective Fil] Weters said in a press briefing. “The homeowners had an animal inside, a dog, that was killed by one of the suspects, apparently in the course of the home invasion. At that point, when the shooting starts to be returned by the homeowners, the two suspects that are in the house flee.”
The woman who had been pistol whipped did not have life-threatening injuries. No one else in the home was injured.

One of the goblins was shot, and found dead in the driveway of the home. It is believed another was injured in the exchange of gunfire.

They invaded a home, attacked an innocent person and killed a dog. They only left when confronted with force. I suppose the Left believes everything would have been just fine in the people at the home had given the criminals whatever they wanted. Did they want to rape the women? No one knows, and I'm glad we didn't find out.

Obama and the Joyce Foundation

Obama linked to gun control efforts - Print View The Joyce Foundation likes to say it is neutral, but the truth is they give a lot of money and support to the gun-control forces of this country. Barack Obama served on the board of directors of the Joyce Foundation.

Go take a look. [via Hot Air]

So, is Chicago a Gun Free Zone? - Violent Weekend Continues: 32 Shot, 6 Dead No, it is just a violent city.

I love the fact that weather is to blame.
Police blame the warmer temperatures for the spike in violence.

"We know that we're approaching warmer weather, the summer season. We know that this is going to be a very busy season for the Chicago Police Department. There's no doubt about that," Bond said.
The complete break-down of society in the city? Gangs? Drugs? None of those are to blame.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Store Clerk Stops Robbery - Store Robbery Attempt Turns Into Oakland Shootout 2 goblins try to rob an Oakland, CA liquor store. They entered the store and demanded money.
A store employee opened fire on the men, hitting one of the suspects, who was later hospitalized. The second suspect fled the scene and had not been located as of Friday.
The injured guy is in critical condition.

Police don't believe there will be charges against store clerk, because self-defense is legal, even in California.

I couldn't resist

Does it make me a bad person that I find this funny?

Hat tip to Lumberjack.

Self-defense Legal in North Carolina

Charlotte Observer | 04/18/2008 | Hickory man won't be charged in killings
Officials decided not to charge the homeowner, Fred Cox III, because there was "no evidence of criminal misconduct," said Assistant District Sean McGinnis is his Tuesday letter to the Catawba County's Sheriff's office.
A justified use of force.

Self-defense is a human right.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Sheriff Running Sex-slave Racket

Oklahoma sheriff charged with using inmates as sex slaves - Yahoo! News I'm sure this was just one lone officer having a bad day year. NOT! This case is the worst abuse of power I've read about in some months.
ARAPAHO, Okla. - Authorities have charged a western Oklahoma sheriff with coercing and bribing female inmates so he could use them in a sex-slave operation run out of his jail.

Custer County Sheriff Mike Burgess resigned Wednesday just as state prosecutors filed 35 felony charges against him, including 14 counts of second-degree rape, seven counts of forcible oral sodomy and five counts of bribery by a public official.
There are a few more charges like suborning perjury and kidnapping. He faces a total of 467 years in jail if convicted - though it's unlikely he would be sentenced to that.

And for all of that, he was faced with $50,000 bail. He posted and was released.

The Criminal Justice System (so-called) is not about justice, and often includes a lot of criminal behavior. (Check the Cops Behaving Badly link.)

Oh, the other cops? Well the under-sheriff was "shocked." I imagine a lot of people are going to proclaim their ignorance and innocence. "I know nothing" will become a mantra very soon. Of course, he didn't do all of this in a vacuum, and other officers had to know about it. I wonder if any of them will face justice, or if anything will be done to ensure this doesn't happen again. [iFeminists]

Self-defense Works

Oak Cliff homeowner shoots one burglar, sends one running for his life | Dallas | Homeowner woke up to the sound of breaking glass.
He grabbed a handgun and confronted two men inside his domicile, one of them still holding the board that was used to break the window.

The homeowner opened fire, hitting one of the home invaders in the chest and jaw and sending him to the hospital, where he remains in critical condition. The other suspect ran off and has not been seen since.
Self-defense is human right.

I Live in a Strange Time Warp

Not having a TV, I am only just getting around to watching the latest Democrat Debate on YouTube. It is much better since I can't take large doses of political insanity in one gulp anymore.

Obama and Clinton keep going on about how wages are going down and costs going up. What are the contributing factors to wages going down? The Dems love to point the finger at the evil corporations sending jobs abroad. But what about the millions of illegals in this country?

There is very large construction boom (just ending) in this part of Florida. It seems an awful lot of the construction workers are non-English speaking. Are they all illegal? Of course not. Are they all legal? If they aren't legally working in this country, are they pushing wages down? How would we know? Has high-rise construction joined picking lettuce as one of the jobs Americans won't do?

If the federal government "invests" in infrastructure, how many of those jobs (3 million according to Hillary Clinton) would be filled by illegal aliens, and how many by citizens or legal residents?

Just asking.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Quote of the Day - with Statistics

Who’s Bitter Now? - New York Times
Small-town people of modest means and limited education are not fixated on cultural issues. Rather, it is affluent, college-educated people living in cities and suburbs who are most exercised by guns and religion. In contemporary American politics, social issues are the opiate of the elites.
With some analysis of voting patterns for people who make less than 60 grand without college degrees versus people who make more than 60 grand and have college degrees.

A Blast at Anti-gun Politicians

The Democrats and Gun Control - Worth a look in general terms as it evaluates both Clinton's and Obama's position on gun control.

But since people seem to be confused about Obama's position (and my reaction to it) even more than they are confused about Clinton's, (Hint: She is no friend to the Second Amendment.) here is a brief look at the Obama record on gun control.
In 1999, Mr. Obama urged enactment of a federal law prohibiting the operation of any gun store within five miles of a school or park. This would eliminate gun stores from almost the entire inhabited portion of the United States.

As a state senate candidate in 1996, Mr. Obama endorsed a complete ban on all handguns in a questionnaire. The Obama campaign has claimed he "never saw or approved the questionnaire," and that an aide filled it out incorrectly. But a few weeks ago, found an amended version of the questionnaire. It included material added in Mr. Obama's handwriting.

When the U.S. Supreme Court voted last year to hear a case on the constitutionality of the Washington, D.C., handgun ban, Mr. Obama's campaign told the Chicago Tribune: "Obama believes the D.C. handgun law is constitutional" and that "local communities" should have the ability "to enact common sense laws." Other than Washington, D.C., the only American cities with handgun bans are Chicago and four of its suburbs. As a state senator, Mr. Obama voted against a 2004 bill (which passed overwhelmingly) to give citizens a legal defense against prosecution for violating a local handgun ban if they actually used the firearm for lawful self-defense on their own property.

Mr. Obama's campaign Web site touts his belief in the Second Amendment rights to have guns "for the purposes of hunting and target shooting." Conspicuously absent is the right to have firearms to defend one's self, home and family. In 2001, as a state senator, Mr. Obama voted against allowing the beneficiaries of domestic violence protective orders to carry handguns for protection.
He thinks outright bans are a good thing - reasonable. He isn't much on the subject of self-defense. He would rather honor misguided handgun bans than allow law-abiding citizens a chance to defend their families, and he doesn't have much sympathy for the victim's of domestic violence. The police are not obligated to protect them, the police are many minutes away in any case, and Mr. Obama is happy to have them defenseless in the face of violence. And there is a lot violence in domestic violence.

But the kicker is - he would be happy to eliminate guns stores from virtually the entire country. Yeah, he is a friend of the Second Amendment.

Clinton isn't much better, of course.
  • She helped Organize the Million Mom March with anti-gun zealot, Rosie O'Donnell
  • She voted against a measure to ensure that post-Katrina-like gun confiscations never took place.
  • She campaigned against Concealed Carry Reform (Shall Issue) in Missouri.
You get the picture.

These two are not supporters of gun rights. They are not friendly to the idea of law-abiding citizens being able to defend themselves. No matter what speeches they give, or web postings they publish, they can't overcome their records on the Second Amendment.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Path to Becoming a Gun Owner

{West, By God} No Longer a Victim A nice story about how someone afraid of guns, overcame that fear, and realized that self-defense is a good thing. [Via Uncle]

Embrace the Bitterness

A Few Words on Self-defense

No Looking Backwards: Let's Play "Spot the Common Thread" Why should you look at people bumming change, or cigarettes, or directions with an eye towards defense. Not all are criminals. Not all are going to be your best friends.

Go take a look.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Homeowner Stops Burglar

The Norman Transcript - Moore homeowner shoots suspected burglar Seems a pretty straight-forward case of self-defense to me.
According to court documents, a man and woman were in the bedroom of their home ..., when they heard a loud crashing sound. The man grabbed his pistol and went into the living room to find the front door had been kicked open.
In a confrontation, the burglar "reached for his waistband." The homeowner shot him. The goblin said he didn't want to go back to prison. (Could he have not gone back to a life of crime?)
[The bad guy in this story] has 11 prior convictions, including two burglaries, larceny, car thefts and escape from a penitentiary, according to Department of Corrections records. He has been incarcerated from 1991 to 1993 and from 1994 to 2005, records show.
He is charged with first-degree burglary.

How Can We Have a Discussion on Race Without Mentioning Race?

B.E.T. founder Johnson agrees with Ferraro about Obama | Prime Buzz Bob Johnson founded Black Entertainment Television. He is listed in the article as a friend and supporter of Senator Clinton.
"What I believe Geraldine Ferraro meant is that if you take a freshman senator from Illinois called `Jerry Smith' and he says I'm going to run for president, would he start off with 90 percent of the black vote?" Johnson said. "And the answer is, probably not... ."

"Geraldine Ferraro said it right. The problem is, Geraldine Ferraro is white. This campaign has such a hair-trigger on anything racial ... it is almost impossible for anybody to say anything."
Of course not saying anything suits them fine, because then they don't have to answer the awkward questions.

Let me be clear... I don't dislike Senator Obama because of his race. I dislike him because of his positions - positions that he has held in office in the US Senate and in the Illinois legislature. He is opposed to the Second Amendment - I believe that is born out in his statements, including the one where only "bitter" people cling (irrationally?) to guns and God.

And we have to be able to discuss his positions - more than a hope for nebulous change - or we don't have a democratic process.

What He Said

The LLama Butchers: Yes, It Was Elitist Just go read it... that is if you can take more on Obama and the Bitter American.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Domestic Violence - International Division

Two stories of how the authorities in various countries can't seem to do much to protect victims of domestic violence.

It is a good thing that Australia outlawed guns. I mean you can't use other means to attack people, right? He 'used hammer to belt girlfriend' - National -
A man allegedly attacked his partner with a hammer and boiling water.
She suffered lacerations to her face and neck and burns to her back and shoulder.

Police arrested her partner on Saturday and charged him with intending serious harm, depriving a person of personal liberty, aggravated assault, failing to comply with a restraining order and two counts of going armed with an offensive weapon at night.
(Why is "at night" a different crime? And if he allegedly attacker her, are those alleged lacerations?)

A hammer and a boiling water. Yeah, good thing she didn't have any means of defense to go with that restraining order. Too bad the restraining order failed to restrain him.

And from over the oceans in the other direction...

It is also a good thing that England outlawed guns and knives. I mean, he wouldn't have used a knife. Oh, wait a second.... Woodford Grn Man Jailed After Campaign Of Terror Against Exlover (from East London and West Essex Guardian Series)
Over an 18-month period Sears conducted a vindictive campaign including a frenzied attack in March, 2007, when he punched and scratched his former flame before slamming her face into her steering wheel and holding a knife to her throat.
Glad to see that the police were able to stop him - after 18 months.

He was jailed for 20 days last year - simple battery and he did send about 10,000 text messages. (Well, what would you call a "silent call?")

The "authorities" don't seem to be able to stop domestic violence; restraining orders don't appear effective in many instances. But you can't allow self-defense.

The Bitter Roundup

Bitter (Pundits) Pill from Veracifier

In case, like me, you didn't get to see all of Sunday's talking heads.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Grocery Clerk Surprises, Fatally Shoots Robber - Orlando News Story - WKMG Orlando Crime in the Land of Mouse? Well, in that 'region' of the state anyway.
ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. -- A Central Florida grocery worker shot and killed one of two men police said tried to rob a store Saturday night.
. . .
Officers said when the scarf-wearing bandits entered the store, two of the three clerks inside dropped to the floor. The third grocery clerk grabbed a gun and opened fire.
One bad guy was hit with at least one bullet. He was taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead.

A second goblin ran like a rabbit.

Perhaps the guy who ran - and a bunch more like him - will get the message that a lot of people in Florida are armed in self-defense, but I doubt it. Instead, we will no doubt be treated, in the days ahead, to stories of how the dead guy was a great friend, and his relatives won't believe he could do anything wrong, and they will be mad that the clerk didn't shoot high, or give some warning shot. (As far as I have been told, warning shots are illegal in Florida.)

Self-defense is a human right. In Florida, it is also your legal right.

Armed 63-year-old Runs Off Intruder

Friendswood woman opens fire on intruder | LOCAL NEWS | | News for Houston, Texas How is a 63-year-old woman to defend herself without a firearm?
According to police, the 63-year-old female homeowner was sleeping in a downstairs bedroom when she heard a loud noise that set off her alarm.

When she heard footsteps going upstairs, she grabbed her pistol and walked out into the living room.

It was there she found the suspect, standing near her back door.
He ran off when she shot at him, but it isn't clear he was hit.

I guess the Left would be happier if she had been completely helpless when someone broke into her home. (And anyone who stuck around once an alarm went off was probably a big problem.)

More 911 "Issues"

There a lot of 911-call-related stories. Here are two that caught my eye.

An Alarmingly Slow 911 Response -
My son-in-law was mugged two weeks ago in an attack that left him unconscious near the Fort Totten Metro station. Because the person calling 911 was first put on hold and then had to spend time explaining the location, it took seven minutes for medical assistance to be dispatched. It took 20 minutes for a paramedic to arrive. It took 35 minutes for an ambulance to begin transporting him to a hospital.
That is a long time for a medical response. It could have been the difference between living and bleeding to death. But it didn't end there. He waited in the emergency room for 25 minutes, and wasn't really attended to until he started vomiting blood 45 minutes after arriving at the emergency room.

And police had no record of the attack that generated this trip to the hospital.

911 caller drawn into debate Denise Lee was raped and murdered. It turns out that a 911 call came in and identified the car she was in while she was still alive. A "distracted" 911 operator never got cops to the area, even though at least 4 were in the area and available.

The Left loves the state. The Left wants us all to trust the state to take care of us, but will it? Can it? Or is it just too inept to get things done?

For my part, I will maintain my bitterness and continue to cling to the idea that the police cannot help me in crime emergency, that 911 is akin to dial-a-prayer, and that in the event I encounter bad people, I am probably going to be on my own.

911 Delay Leads to 15 Minute Police Delay Metro/Region Section 15 minutes is a long time.
The call came in to the Douglas County 911 center about eight minutes into the shooting, chaos and terror in Von Maur.

Four to five shooting victims are on the third floor, the young woman told a 911 operator.
Police were on scene on the first floor of the building when this call came in. 7 minutes elapsed between the call and police on-site being notified. But in that 7 minutes, the police had mostly left pursuing a red herring. So it took them another 8 minutes to get back to the scene and respond to the information.

Now it is possible that these few minutes made no difference at all to the victims of this shooting. The gunman had killed himself before the police had even arrived. (More on this in a minute.) Still, there may have been injured people in need of medical treatment, and in a case like that, 15 minutes can mean life or death.

Still, this points up the other problem of relying on 911 calls and police. It was all over before they even got there. But the Left tells us to call 911 and wait to be rescued. Presidential candidates tell us that do otherwise, to "cling" to our guns and our gun rights, is a result of bitterness at our economic position. Really? It couldn't be a recognition that police can't protect us - and they are under no obligation to do so.

Ken Blanchard's Urban Shooter Podcast

The Urban Shooter Podcast #63 - The Price of Freedom...
Remembering Charlton Heston

Advocating membership in the NRA

Remembering my purpose-to inspire, educate and entertain
And more....

The NRA has a tribute to Charlton Heston, in the form of a collection of his speeches (the speech at Harvard was exceptional, though I haven't listened to them all). I can't find a direct link, so you have to click on the "browse archives" near Mr. Heston's photo.

Concealed Carry More Popular in Virginia

Va. Grants 60% More Permits For Guns - Virginia Tech and other high-profile crimes have made it clear that, as much as they would like to, police simply cannot protect you from all the bad people in the world. It will always take the police some time to reach your location, in some areas it may take a considerable time, in the interim, a lot of bad things can happen.
State police said that more than 152,000 people currently hold valid concealed-carry permits. In addition to concealed carrying, openly carrying a weapon is legal in Virginia and is done regularly by gun rights activists.
Nice story, especially when you consider it was in the Washington Post.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

You Have Been Hoodwinked

Have you been bamboozled?

A nice collection of Obama speeches, inter-cut with the places from which they have been stolen - And no I don't think that is too strong a word, for the wholesale appropriation of speeches he has done.

Hat tip to Nice Deb (does that mean I'm "not so nice Deb?") via the new home of the Cotillion.

Self-defense Works

JusticeJustified Homicides Up 50% In Memphis|Eyewitness News Everywhere Memphis police are confused. There were 11 Justified homicides in all of 2006. There were 5 between January 2007 and April 2007. This year in that same period Memphis has seen 10 justified homicides.

The Memphis police also seem to be confused about whether or not that is a good thing.
“I think we've tried to put our thumb on it and really just can't, “ said Major Joe Scott of the Memphis Police Department. He said Memphis police officers are aware of the increase in justified homicides, but are unclear why they are on the rise. Major Scott said, “It is concerning over the last couple of years that we've had so many, but we really can't isolate it to the point where we feel like we could do anything preventive.”
Why would you want to prevent legal self-defense? You could do a better job keeping criminals in jail - that is the courts' problem, not the police department's fault - but otherwise... Self-defense is a human right.

Maybe police just don't like the idea that your average citizen can get by without waiting for police rescue.
Major Scott said the increase could be tied to a recent rise in the number of people applying for and receiving handgun permits in Shelby County.
Ya think? Still, it seems more than a fair share of these homicides are done by security guards, not your average permit holder.

The statistics, as usual, are a bit misleading. They are only counting homicides, not cases where the bad guy was shot but not killed, or cases where the good guy missed and only scared the goblin away. Still, it is an interesting statistic.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Would an Attack on a Christian Have Been Buried?

Representative tries to put the fear of God in atheist -- This is a story of religious intolerance. Intolerance of the religious, to be exact.
Did you hear about the state legislator who last week blasted a Lutheran minister during a committee hearing for spewing dangerous religious superstitions, and then attempted to order the minister out of the witness chair on the grounds that his Christian beliefs are "destroying what this state was built upon"?

Of course you didn't, because it didn't happen and would never happen
What did happen is that Monique Davis, a state representative in Illinois, told an atheist testifying before a committee, the following:
What you have to spew and spread is extremely dangerous . . . it's dangerous for our children to even know that your philosophy exists!
Your views must be quashed. So much for freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and defending the Constitution.

Now I am no fan of Bobby (excuse me, Robert) Sherman. He is the resident atheist north of Chicago. But this statement from an elected representative, is a bit much.

The Governor of the Peoples Republic State of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, wants to give a 1 million dollar state grant to a Baptist church. I have to say I think it's a bad idea on the surface.

Ms Davis apparently also doesn't much care for guns and gun owners, by the tone of her remarks to Mr. Sherman.

Funny the treatment this didn't get in the media. An attack on a Muslim would be hate speech, and there would be riots in Denmark or somewhere, but attacks on some minorities are just not newsworthy I guess. [via RobertaX]

How will PA Handle This?

Pittsburgh Father Kills Alleged Burglar At Daughter's Home - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh In most states, if a guy stops a crime in progress, that's a good thing. In Pennsylvania, they don't much care for self-defense and gun owners. (Though to be fair, that is more Philadelphia than Pittsburgh.)
Police said a man went into his daughter's home, which he owns, in the 6000 block of Apple Avenue and found three men burglarizing it. (See Map)

Police said the man shot and killed one of the burglars upstairs. A second burglar ran away, but the third was shot in the side of his torso and taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.
I would like to say "good guys 2, bad guys 0," but I am really afraid that Pennsylvania will land on the homeowner, who was probably defending himself.

Interesting Statistics on the Economy

The Corner on National Review Online So, what do the Democrats think about an unemployment rate of 5%? I guess you could say that it depends.
Key Labor Market Statistics in 1996 and 2008
  March 1996 March 2008
1. U.S. Unemployment Rate 5.5% 5.1%
2. Number of Long-Term Unemployed 1.33 million 1.28 million
3. Average Weeks Unemployed 17.3 weeks 16.2 weeks
4. Median Weeks Unemployed 8.3 weeks 8.1 weeks
5. Not in Labor Force because discouraged over job prospects 451,000 401,000
6. Democrats calling for Extended Unemployment Benefits? No Yes
7. President’s Party Affiliation Democrat Republican
So is it really the "worst jobs record since Herbert Hoover," as Senator Charles Schumer says? Or is that just election-year propaganda? [via Small Dead Animals]

Cops and Crimes - accused not convicted, but still

NYC officer charged with stealing $113k in Reading bank robbery - The York Daily Record

Granite City officer accused of kicking man in face during bar fight

Elgin officer charged with battery in Chicago - Daily Herald

Somebody want to offer the "it is one lone officer having a bad day" argument? It might apply in the case of the two bar fights, but a NYC police officer is accused of a serious crime, armed robbery. He hasn't been convicted, but the evidence... well, go read it for yourself.
[All stories via Keep and Bear Arms]

Two Sets of Rules...

SBI Inquiry Sought in Traffic Stop of Sheriff's Daughter :: It appears that (still under investigation) the second set of rules - the one I thought only applies to cops - also applies to their families.

An *apparently* drunken driver is stopped. She just happens to be the sheriff's daughter. No Breathalyzer test is done, no sobriety test of any kind. The Sheriff comes and collects her.

I said apparently because since no test was done, no charges can be filed. (Reckless driving charges, yes, but nothing related to DWI.)

What do you think would happen to you if you were stopped, and refused to cooperate with a sobriety test or complete a Breathalyzer? Do you think they would let your daddy come and take you home? Neither do I. [KABA]

No Jail Time for Cop

Officer Gets 1-Year Probation For Making Woman Perform Oral Sex On Him - News Story - WFTV Orlando The headline tells most of the story. He arrested her for marijuana possession.

Funny, but I think this points to the existence of two sets of rules: one for cops, and one for everyone else. [KABA]

Would You Rather Be Offended, or Dead?

Chinese Americans feel sting of Olympic protests - Los Angeles Times I think people are losing perspective over the Olympic Torch protests.
"The Olympics were supposed to bring glory to the Chinese," said Daniel Deng, a leading Chinese American defense attorney based in Rosemead. "Now the focus is the Dalai Lama and Tibet. A lot of Chinese are offended."
Well, a lot of Tibetans are dead.

Now protesting the actions of the communist government of the PRC is one thing, and attacking everyone of Chinese ancestry is another. The government of the PRC is the only group really responsible or the situation.

The Olympic protests are just insane. Did Jimmy Carter's boycott of the Russian Olympics get the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan? No. These protests will make all of the bleeding hearts feel good, piss off a bunch of other people, and fail to have any impact whatsoever on the situation in Tibet.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Do You Still Believe in Cooperation with Criminals?

Man cooperates with bandits; is shot | | The Des Moines Register The Left loves to claim that you will be "safe" if only you cooperate. (They never talk about rape when they mention this, however.)

But it just isn't true.
Crayton gave the man $180 from his wallet. Then another man approached. "Give me the (expletive) gun and I'll shoot him," the other man said.

The second man took the gun, pointed it at Crayton, and fired.
The victim was shot, not because he resisted, but because the goblin is a violent criminal.

No arrests have been made.

Is this about the second amendment or property rights?

Florida Senate passes controversial guns-to-work bill -- South Florida Yes, you have the right to control what happens on your property. But my car remains my property, even if I park it in your parking lot. Can you allow the police to search my car, just because I am parked in your lot? No. Only I can do that.

By that same token, this is not a "guns to work" bill.

People troubled by violent stalkers (e.g. domestic violence victims) are most at risk when they are on a known schedule at a known location. To-and-from work is one of the primary examples of those vulnerable times.

Governor Crist is playing the second amendment strategy, but saying that he will sign the bill.

Businesses will of course challenge the law in court.

What about letting students defend themselves?

The Morning News: News : Safer Campus May Require Safer Surrounding Neighborhoods Gee, ya think? If you put a school in the middle of a war zone, some of it is going to spill over.

But there is only so much you can do. Why not admit that that society in which the school exists is not perfect and let the students defend themselves against those imperfect situations?
Others at the hearing said they would like to see more police officers and escorts on campus, especially at night, when many graduate students are in class. Elizabeth Vaughn-Neely, head of the university's Department of Educational Leadership, said many students are also scared to walk to their cars after class.
Let the students have concealed carry on campus, and they won't be defenseless victims (or at least the goblins can't know they are) when they walk back to their cars or apartments.

But then the Let wouldn't "feel safe" or something on campus. (They might actually be safe, but it is all about the feelings.)

This is NOT Self-defense

Prowler Shot, Homeowner Arrested OK, you can only defend yourself from imminent danger. You can't shoot wildly.

He got a call from his wife about a stranger entering a shed.
James Edward Harp went home, and started looking for the unidentified man. He fired two warning shots and then fired four shots into the shed, hitting 47 year old Leon Stover twice in the back.
You can't shoot anyone who comes onto your property. That isn't the test for self-defense.

The guy who got shot is recovering. The homeowner has been charged with firing into an occupied dwelling, and he will probably be charged with other crimes as well.

And as far as I have been told, warning shots are illegal in Florida. (If you have time to warn him, the threat wasn't imminent.) And shooting at someone you cannot see, is a stupid idea at best. And criminal at worst.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

What about self-defense?

Domestic violence on the rise, experts say -, Salem, MA Another story about domestic violence that completely ignores the idea of self-defense.

For the most part, this is an interview with Candace Waldron, executive director of Help for Abused Women and their Children which serves greater Salem, Massachusetts. There are also a few comments from Sgt. Phil McCarthy, who supervises the Beverly Police Department's domestic violence office.

The director of the shelter, of course, wants the courts and the police to guarantee the safety of victims.
"We all know that leaving an abusive partner is the most dangerous time," [Waldron] said. "We can't guarantee to keep the victim safe if we don't have the entire community behind us in doing that."
Here's a news flash: You can't guarantee their safety even if the police could assign 24 hr. security to every domestic violence victim.

The story comes close to the subject of self-defense with this statement.
"The system needs to be committed to being the strong arm of the law. If not, it needs to get out of the way," Waldron said. "If not, it gives people a false sense of security."
It is one of the few things I agree with in the entire article. People get a restraining order and think that the "system" is taking care of them. They are interesting legal documents, not bullet-proof vests.

As for calling police, it isn't as effective as you might hope in every case.
In 2003, Beverly Patrolman Raymond Beals responded to a domestic violence call involving his son, Jason, and the son's girlfriend, Lori Corbett. The patrolman radioed back that "peace had been restored." However, three days later, Jason Beals stabbed Corbett to death, then committed suicide.
Did they really expect this guy to arrest his own son? Was this calling of the police helpful? Not in the long run.

If you have a violent stalker, then a restraining order may be part of a legal strategy, but you need more than that; you need a plan for your personal safety. You need to recognize that the police are NOT providing 24 hour security for you, that they will only come when they are called and that it will take them some time to get to you. (And that assumes you are able to call before you are seriously injured.) You will be on your own for at least a very dangerous couple of minutes. (What is the 911 response time in your area?)

Admitting any of this, and considering the option of self-defense, is probably beyond the pale for the good Leftists bringing this story to us. Ask people to accept some responsibility for their own safety? Talk about self-defense and discuss guns like they were a good thing? This would probably never happen in Massachusetts, and not in a discussion between a shelter director, and a reporter.

Having a plan and the tools for you personal safety will not, of course, guarantee your personal safety. There are no guarantees in this life. Wearing your seatbelt while driving will not guarantee your safety in a car crash. It will only change your chances of survival. We do all kinds of things that "change the odds" in life.

North Carolina recognized the inability of the system to be all things to all people. When you get a restraining order in NC, you also get info on how to obtain an emergency concealed carry permit. (This lets you carry while they process the regular permit.) Do you think Massachusetts would do something like this? Neither do I.

Self-defense is a human right. Some groups have a demonstrated need to be able to defend themselves. Domestic violence victims make up one such group. The states need to recognize that all of the restrictions on self-defense, and the means to effective self-defense, doesn't guarantee anyone's safety.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You live in the Real World™

Folsom intruder chose to fight rather than flee Everyone seems to feel that if you live in the "right kind of place" you are immune from crime. Well that isn't the case.

A home intruder broke into an occupied home, and stayed there, even though he knew he was spotted.

Even when police came, he stayed in the home, and then attacked an officer who had entered the dwelling with a partner and a police dog. The goblin was shot and died from gunshot wounds.
Neighbors said the incident has made them question their safety in an area some thought was too remote to become a serious target for criminals.
You thought wrong, if you thought living in the right neighborhood makes you "safe." Crime doesn't happen to "other kinds of people," in "other kinds of places." Crime can happen anywhere, anytime. If you can read this, you live the Real World™ where things work a bit differently than they do in Andy's and Barnie's Mayberry. Deal with it.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston: 1924 — 2008

Legendary actor was face of NRA -- Surprising how the press are treating him. The few I read are all but ignoring his politics, and concentrating on his career which included something like 100 films.
In 1952, in a key turning point, Cecil B. DeMille cast Heston as surly circus manager Brad Braden in DeMille's Oscar-winning "The Greatest Show on Earth." That relationship led to one of the actor's most famous films and parts, in DeMille's 1956 remake of "The Ten Commandments," with Heston as Moses.Heston though, could be unconventional and even maverick in some of his choices. A lifelong heavy reader, he had a taste for Shakespeare and the classics as well as history and the Bible, and he played the wily Cardinal Richelieu in the two 1973-'75 Richard Lester movies made from Alexandre Dumas' "The Three Musketeers," as well as George Taylor in the original 1968 Rod Serling-scripted "Planet of the Apes," The Player King in Kenneth Branagh's film of the complete "Hamlet" (1996), and grizzled cowpoke Will in Tom Gries' classic 1968 western "Will Penny."
Are they all classics? Most certainly are. I even liked some of his "bad" movies (The Omega Man).

As for the far left media, The New York Times was polite, but The LA Times made up for it by being a little condescending to the conservative causes he championed. They do provide a great quote, on why he moved from being a liberal, the president of a union, to the conservative president of the National Rifle Association.
"My politics haven't changed -- it was the Democratic Party that changed," the actor said.
He was instrumental in getting the NRA into mainstream politics. The Left will probably always hate him for that.

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Concealed Carry on Campus | Opinion | Letter: Let college students carry guns — Baton Rouge, LA Amanda Brice, a Louisiana State University student, makes a reasoned appeal for letting concealed carry on campus. She finishes with this:
To my knowledge there is no escort service at LSU that provides safety to a young woman walking alone across a dark campus. I occasionally walk by myself in the dark from my class building to the parking lot, about a five-minute walk, and feel very uneasy, especially because a serial killer stalked the very same area only a few short years ago.

Self-defense classes can only go so far. When attacked by a big, strong man intent on raping or killing her, a woman will likely be overpowered — unless she has a firearm for personal protection.
College campuses putting up "No Crime Allowed!" signs does nothing to eliminate crime. Go read the whole thing.

Virginia Senate Kills Castle Doctrine Bill

American Chronicle | Virginia Legislators Vote To Protect Home Invaders Actually it was killed in committee. It passed the Virgina house, 80 to 19.

So the protections remain with the criminal in the great state of Virginia. Homeowners must act "reasonably" at 3 AM when their family is in danger. And even if the do act "reasonably" they can still be sued by the miscreant or their estate in the even of a legal self-defense shooting.

A handful of lawyers, and some others, voted to abridge the rights of law-abiding Virginians.

Way to coddle the criminals, Virginia.

If you break into enough homes...

You will eventually meet an armed homeowner. (If you are really unlucky, the magic number may be "one.") Homeowner Shoots, Kills Teenage Intruder
Bowling Green police said the unidentified homeowner called 911 to say he had been asleep and heard someone breaking in the back door.

The man told the 911 operator he shot the suspect during the confrontation.
If you want to avoid this outcome, a good first step is to refrain from breaking and entering.

Self-defense is a human right.

Friday, April 04, 2008

Pizza Hut and Self-defense

As numerous commentators have pointed out... Pizza Hut is probably within their rights to fire driver James Spiers for violating company policy on weapons for self-defense. Just as I am within my rights to not buy another thing from Pizza Hut or its parent company Yum Brands - unless and until they change their policy on self-defense.

Yum Brands also owns Kentucky Fried Chicken, Taco Bell, Long John Silver's, and A&W. None of them will be getting any of my money either.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Boy Defends His Mother

Boy, 12, Kills Man Who Attacked His Mom If the events unfolded as described, I don't know why the "authorities" are even questioning if it was justified. If the events unfolded as described, it was justified.
The boy said he had been playing a video game Monday night when he heard his mother, Cheryl Stamp, scream. He found her on the kitchen floor, straddled by a fellow resident who was choking her.

"I kept saying, 'Stop! Stop! Stop!'" the boy told The Washington Post, which published his account without giving his name. "But he just ignored me. He didn't stop. He just kept hurting her."

The boy said he took a knife and swung at the man.
64 year old Salomon Noubissie died from a knife wound to his throat.

This kid will no doubt have trouble dealing with what he had to do, but he had to do it. It was either that, or watch his mother be injured, and perhaps killed.

And I don't care what Noubissie was thinking, or what problems he had as a child, or if he had a mental illness. In that second, he was attacking that boy's mother. He was a threat that needed to be dealt with in that second, not minutes later when police would be able to arrive. [KABA]

Good Guys 1, Bad Guys 0

Homeowner Shoots Suspect After 2 Break-Ins - Houston News Story - KPRC Houston When someone treats your property like their property, it is time to do something.
When the burglary suspect walked out of the garage with bolt cutters, Williamson said he grabbed his shotgun.
Williamson (the homeowner) shot the guy. This happened in Texas, so there will be no charges against the homeowner. No word on what they will charge the burglar with.

What Does Pizza Hut Think About Dead Employees?

Pizza Hut: No work for those who defend themselves? Pizza Hut fires delivery drivers who defend themselves. But drivers die, with some regularity. (There are few links in the Hot Air posting.)

So who is better off when delivery drivers die for pizza? [via IMAO]

The European Space Truck is Ready

The Associated Press: European Ship Docks at Space Station The European space-going cargo-hauler is finally working as planned.
A new European cargo ship flew up to the international space station and docked Thursday, successfully delivering food, water and clothes in its orbital debut.

The unmanned cargo ship, called Jules Verne, was operated by flight controllers at a European Space Agency center in Toulouse, France.
A modern alternative to the shuttle (which is a lot of things, but not modern). This is good as the Space Shuttle is scheduled to stop flying in 2010.

Restraining Order Fails to Stop Explosion

Lakewood home explodes after woman’s run-in with estranged boyfriend She didn't want to live with him, so, of course, he blew up her house. (Well he's accused anyway....)
He told her he wanted to give their 5-month-old son, Jaydyn, a kiss, she said. But Manues wouldn’t let him – the restraining order she had obtained said he had to stay away. Later, she said, it occurred to her that he might have been asking to kiss their son goodbye.

Walking up the steps to her home, she smelled natural gas. Instead of going inside, she went to a nearby home to call for help.
She was on the phone with police when the house exploded.

He is in custody charged with any number of things. Prosecutors are trying to decide if they should included attempted murder or not. That will wait on the investigation.

The initial, temporary, restraining order was granted March 27th with the hearing on April 10th.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

The Fitna Kerfuffle

This is a great take on the Fitna fallout.

It is worth 7 minutes. [Here is the link for the video if you want the LiveLeak site]

Don't Know How I Missed This - Statistics on Guns

Public Believes Americans Have Right to Own Guns The American people believe in the right to own guns. 73 percent of the American public anyway.
A solid majority of the U.S. public, 73%, believes the Second Amendment to the Constitution guarantees the rights of Americans to own guns. Twenty percent believe the amendment only guarantees the rights of state militia members to own guns.
This won't stop the anti-gun folks. (It probably shouldn't. Do you want to be right, or popular?)But it does tend to explain why the Democrats have been mostly quiet on the subject of guns. [NRA-ILA]

Do You Expect the System to Protect You?

JusticeMan charged with attempting to drag woman under train :: News :: Post-Tribune This is another example of a restraining order failing to do much restraining. She had a restraining order, but in the two months it was in place, he was arrested "numerous times" for violations.

Doesn't sound like much protection to me.

He is now charged with attempted murder.
Police said he took her outside and dragged her by her hair and shoulders down the street to the railroad tracks at the south side of the trailer park, saying, "I'm going to kill you, then myself. If I can't have you, no one will have you."
He didn't love her; he wanted to control her. When she said "No!" he became violent.
She told police she was within 6 feet of the train and able to see the undercarriage of the passing cars as he attempted to push her under while she fought and screamed.

She didn't know why he stopped trying to force her under the train.

Instead, he began dragging her toward his stepmother's trailer. He let go and ran when he heard police sirens.
Numerous violations of a restraining order, and if he hadn't had second thoughts, he probably would have pushed her under the train about the time the police got there.

Restraining orders are interesting legal documents, but they are not really protection against violent attack. This guy was arrested numerous times. That means he was released numerous times. How many days do you think he spent in jail after each arrest? Why was someone with proven violent tendencies, someone who had repeatedly demonstrated his utter contempt for court orders and the rule of law out on the street? Because the system cannot (or is that will not?) protect domestic violence victims. They are on their own.

Weasels Worth Watching

As you may or may not already be aware, members of the Watcher's Council hold a vote every week on what they consider to be the most link-worthy pieces of writing around... per the Watcher's instructions, I am submitting one of my own posts for consideration in the upcoming nominations process.

Here is the most recent winning council post, here is the most recent winning non-council post, here is the list of results for the latest vote, and here is the initial posting of all the nominees that were voted on.

Politicians Do Nothing, Call it Something

Campus safety bill signed into law | KEPR CBS 19: This is the story of politicians congratulating themselves for doing nothing. Nothing effective anyway.

About one year ago, Rebecca Griego was murdered on the Campus of the University of Washington. She was killed by a stalker (her ex-boyfriend) who then killed himself.

She obtained a restraining order, and she asked the campus police for some protection. She was turned down. It wasn't feasible for the authorities to protect her, and school policy (and state law) forbids the carrying of defensive weapons.

She was stripped of any means of defense, and left on her own. She died. Now perhaps she didn't believe in self-defense or armed self-defense. We will never know what she thought because she worked in a defenseless-victim zone. (She was shot on campus... that rules out the possibility of calling it a "gun-free" zone.)

The university was fined 2100 dollars for failing to communicate workplace safety procedures.

So one year later, Washington state has passed a law mandating a safety plan for emergencies. Yeah, that will do it. Write a plan, put it in a nice binder, and store it on the Dean's credenza.

U-Dub set up a website for communication in the wake of this incident. That should help.

But there is no talk of self-defense. There is no talk of concealed carry. At least they admit - or seem to - that their assumption "schools are safe" seems to be a thing of the past. (See that last link for a rundown on the violent crime that occurs on campuses.)

The truth is - a truth that politicians and parents don't want to admit - is that college and university campuses exist in the Real World™. And in the real world there are robberies and rapes and assaults. In the real world you will find gay-bashing bigots, and ex-boyfriends turned murderer. In the real world, when you need them most, police are minutes away. They cannot and will not protect you all the time.

Where would you rather go to school? Someplace like the Appalachian School of Law, where students have stopped a shooting with their own weapons (NOT concealed carry), or the University of Washington with their very own website?

Self-defense is a human right, but all together too many campuses limit access to the effective means of defense. This just leaves the field open to the nut cases who won't obey your "no crime allowed" signs anyway.