Sunday, April 13, 2008

911 Delay Leads to 15 Minute Police Delay Metro/Region Section 15 minutes is a long time.
The call came in to the Douglas County 911 center about eight minutes into the shooting, chaos and terror in Von Maur.

Four to five shooting victims are on the third floor, the young woman told a 911 operator.
Police were on scene on the first floor of the building when this call came in. 7 minutes elapsed between the call and police on-site being notified. But in that 7 minutes, the police had mostly left pursuing a red herring. So it took them another 8 minutes to get back to the scene and respond to the information.

Now it is possible that these few minutes made no difference at all to the victims of this shooting. The gunman had killed himself before the police had even arrived. (More on this in a minute.) Still, there may have been injured people in need of medical treatment, and in a case like that, 15 minutes can mean life or death.

Still, this points up the other problem of relying on 911 calls and police. It was all over before they even got there. But the Left tells us to call 911 and wait to be rescued. Presidential candidates tell us that do otherwise, to "cling" to our guns and our gun rights, is a result of bitterness at our economic position. Really? It couldn't be a recognition that police can't protect us - and they are under no obligation to do so.

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