Monday, April 28, 2008

The Beginning of the End of Vote Fraud?

Supreme Court upholds photo ID voting law - Yahoo! News One can only hope that this will put paid to things like dead people voting in Chicago, and the 10,000 fraudulent questionable votes cast in Wisconsin during the last Presidential election.
Resolving a partisan political battle, the country's high court voted 6-3 to reject a legal challenge by Democrats that Indiana's toughest-in-the-nation voter identification law would deter minorities, the elderly and others from casting ballots.

The main opinion agreed with Republican supporters that the law was necessary to prevent voter fraud and safeguard public confidence in the integrity of elections. The Bush administration supported the law.
Why would the requirement to have state-issued ID deter the elderly? My father - who is elderly - has a drivers license and a passport. I can see where it might keep illegals from voting, but that is a good thing. Do minorities not drive? Or need state-issued IDs to cash checks, obtain credit, or do any of the other things you do in modern society?

Or were the Democrats just worried that this would move a few states to the other column?

It may not be possible to pass laws in all 50 states similar to Indiana's law before this election, but we should certainly try.

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