Sunday, April 06, 2008

Charlton Heston: 1924 — 2008

Legendary actor was face of NRA -- Surprising how the press are treating him. The few I read are all but ignoring his politics, and concentrating on his career which included something like 100 films.
In 1952, in a key turning point, Cecil B. DeMille cast Heston as surly circus manager Brad Braden in DeMille's Oscar-winning "The Greatest Show on Earth." That relationship led to one of the actor's most famous films and parts, in DeMille's 1956 remake of "The Ten Commandments," with Heston as Moses.Heston though, could be unconventional and even maverick in some of his choices. A lifelong heavy reader, he had a taste for Shakespeare and the classics as well as history and the Bible, and he played the wily Cardinal Richelieu in the two 1973-'75 Richard Lester movies made from Alexandre Dumas' "The Three Musketeers," as well as George Taylor in the original 1968 Rod Serling-scripted "Planet of the Apes," The Player King in Kenneth Branagh's film of the complete "Hamlet" (1996), and grizzled cowpoke Will in Tom Gries' classic 1968 western "Will Penny."
Are they all classics? Most certainly are. I even liked some of his "bad" movies (The Omega Man).

As for the far left media, The New York Times was polite, but The LA Times made up for it by being a little condescending to the conservative causes he championed. They do provide a great quote, on why he moved from being a liberal, the president of a union, to the conservative president of the National Rifle Association.
"My politics haven't changed -- it was the Democratic Party that changed," the actor said.
He was instrumental in getting the NRA into mainstream politics. The Left will probably always hate him for that.

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