Saturday, April 05, 2008

Concealed Carry on Campus | Opinion | Letter: Let college students carry guns — Baton Rouge, LA Amanda Brice, a Louisiana State University student, makes a reasoned appeal for letting concealed carry on campus. She finishes with this:
To my knowledge there is no escort service at LSU that provides safety to a young woman walking alone across a dark campus. I occasionally walk by myself in the dark from my class building to the parking lot, about a five-minute walk, and feel very uneasy, especially because a serial killer stalked the very same area only a few short years ago.

Self-defense classes can only go so far. When attacked by a big, strong man intent on raping or killing her, a woman will likely be overpowered — unless she has a firearm for personal protection.
College campuses putting up "No Crime Allowed!" signs does nothing to eliminate crime. Go read the whole thing.

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