Monday, April 14, 2008

Domestic Violence - International Division

Two stories of how the authorities in various countries can't seem to do much to protect victims of domestic violence.

It is a good thing that Australia outlawed guns. I mean you can't use other means to attack people, right? He 'used hammer to belt girlfriend' - National -
A man allegedly attacked his partner with a hammer and boiling water.
She suffered lacerations to her face and neck and burns to her back and shoulder.

Police arrested her partner on Saturday and charged him with intending serious harm, depriving a person of personal liberty, aggravated assault, failing to comply with a restraining order and two counts of going armed with an offensive weapon at night.
(Why is "at night" a different crime? And if he allegedly attacker her, are those alleged lacerations?)

A hammer and a boiling water. Yeah, good thing she didn't have any means of defense to go with that restraining order. Too bad the restraining order failed to restrain him.

And from over the oceans in the other direction...

It is also a good thing that England outlawed guns and knives. I mean, he wouldn't have used a knife. Oh, wait a second.... Woodford Grn Man Jailed After Campaign Of Terror Against Exlover (from East London and West Essex Guardian Series)
Over an 18-month period Sears conducted a vindictive campaign including a frenzied attack in March, 2007, when he punched and scratched his former flame before slamming her face into her steering wheel and holding a knife to her throat.
Glad to see that the police were able to stop him - after 18 months.

He was jailed for 20 days last year - simple battery and he did send about 10,000 text messages. (Well, what would you call a "silent call?")

The "authorities" don't seem to be able to stop domestic violence; restraining orders don't appear effective in many instances. But you can't allow self-defense.

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