Sunday, April 27, 2008

Don't Try to Rob a Restaurant That Contains a Uniformed Police Officer

The St. Louis American: Local News OK there was a police officer - armed and in uniform - acting as security, when a hoodlum tried to rob the place. He didn't succeed.
Friday morning at about 1:20 a.m., [the dead guy] walked into the Denny's ... and pulled a stocking mask over his face, police say. He pointed a dark-colored handgun at the officer, who was sitting at the counter.

The officer was wearing his police uniform, working what's called "secondary" -- hired by the restaurant to act as security. Detectives aren't sure if Holloway spotted the officer when he first walked into the restaurant.
The unidentified officer fired several shots, police say.
He died in hospital about 40 minutes later.

Don't think I've ever been in a restaurant that needed security guards like this, but these folks apparently know what they are about.

The dead guy? He had served 12 years for various robberies and was on parole.

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