Friday, April 11, 2008

How will PA Handle This?

Pittsburgh Father Kills Alleged Burglar At Daughter's Home - Pittsburgh News Story - WTAE Pittsburgh In most states, if a guy stops a crime in progress, that's a good thing. In Pennsylvania, they don't much care for self-defense and gun owners. (Though to be fair, that is more Philadelphia than Pittsburgh.)
Police said a man went into his daughter's home, which he owns, in the 6000 block of Apple Avenue and found three men burglarizing it. (See Map)

Police said the man shot and killed one of the burglars upstairs. A second burglar ran away, but the third was shot in the side of his torso and taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.
I would like to say "good guys 2, bad guys 0," but I am really afraid that Pennsylvania will land on the homeowner, who was probably defending himself.

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