Friday, April 18, 2008

I Live in a Strange Time Warp

Not having a TV, I am only just getting around to watching the latest Democrat Debate on YouTube. It is much better since I can't take large doses of political insanity in one gulp anymore.

Obama and Clinton keep going on about how wages are going down and costs going up. What are the contributing factors to wages going down? The Dems love to point the finger at the evil corporations sending jobs abroad. But what about the millions of illegals in this country?

There is very large construction boom (just ending) in this part of Florida. It seems an awful lot of the construction workers are non-English speaking. Are they all illegal? Of course not. Are they all legal? If they aren't legally working in this country, are they pushing wages down? How would we know? Has high-rise construction joined picking lettuce as one of the jobs Americans won't do?

If the federal government "invests" in infrastructure, how many of those jobs (3 million according to Hillary Clinton) would be filled by illegal aliens, and how many by citizens or legal residents?

Just asking.

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