Sunday, April 13, 2008

More 911 "Issues"

There a lot of 911-call-related stories. Here are two that caught my eye.

An Alarmingly Slow 911 Response -
My son-in-law was mugged two weeks ago in an attack that left him unconscious near the Fort Totten Metro station. Because the person calling 911 was first put on hold and then had to spend time explaining the location, it took seven minutes for medical assistance to be dispatched. It took 20 minutes for a paramedic to arrive. It took 35 minutes for an ambulance to begin transporting him to a hospital.
That is a long time for a medical response. It could have been the difference between living and bleeding to death. But it didn't end there. He waited in the emergency room for 25 minutes, and wasn't really attended to until he started vomiting blood 45 minutes after arriving at the emergency room.

And police had no record of the attack that generated this trip to the hospital.

911 caller drawn into debate Denise Lee was raped and murdered. It turns out that a 911 call came in and identified the car she was in while she was still alive. A "distracted" 911 operator never got cops to the area, even though at least 4 were in the area and available.

The Left loves the state. The Left wants us all to trust the state to take care of us, but will it? Can it? Or is it just too inept to get things done?

For my part, I will maintain my bitterness and continue to cling to the idea that the police cannot help me in crime emergency, that 911 is akin to dial-a-prayer, and that in the event I encounter bad people, I am probably going to be on my own.

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