Thursday, April 03, 2008

Restraining Order Fails to Stop Explosion

Lakewood home explodes after woman’s run-in with estranged boyfriend She didn't want to live with him, so, of course, he blew up her house. (Well he's accused anyway....)
He told her he wanted to give their 5-month-old son, Jaydyn, a kiss, she said. But Manues wouldn’t let him – the restraining order she had obtained said he had to stay away. Later, she said, it occurred to her that he might have been asking to kiss their son goodbye.

Walking up the steps to her home, she smelled natural gas. Instead of going inside, she went to a nearby home to call for help.
She was on the phone with police when the house exploded.

He is in custody charged with any number of things. Prosecutors are trying to decide if they should included attempted murder or not. That will wait on the investigation.

The initial, temporary, restraining order was granted March 27th with the hearing on April 10th.

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