Saturday, April 12, 2008

Self-defense Works

JusticeJustified Homicides Up 50% In Memphis|Eyewitness News Everywhere Memphis police are confused. There were 11 Justified homicides in all of 2006. There were 5 between January 2007 and April 2007. This year in that same period Memphis has seen 10 justified homicides.

The Memphis police also seem to be confused about whether or not that is a good thing.
“I think we've tried to put our thumb on it and really just can't, “ said Major Joe Scott of the Memphis Police Department. He said Memphis police officers are aware of the increase in justified homicides, but are unclear why they are on the rise. Major Scott said, “It is concerning over the last couple of years that we've had so many, but we really can't isolate it to the point where we feel like we could do anything preventive.”
Why would you want to prevent legal self-defense? You could do a better job keeping criminals in jail - that is the courts' problem, not the police department's fault - but otherwise... Self-defense is a human right.

Maybe police just don't like the idea that your average citizen can get by without waiting for police rescue.
Major Scott said the increase could be tied to a recent rise in the number of people applying for and receiving handgun permits in Shelby County.
Ya think? Still, it seems more than a fair share of these homicides are done by security guards, not your average permit holder.

The statistics, as usual, are a bit misleading. They are only counting homicides, not cases where the bad guy was shot but not killed, or cases where the good guy missed and only scared the goblin away. Still, it is an interesting statistic.

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