Saturday, April 26, 2008

This is Amazing: Self-defense legal in the UK

Cleared: family man who killed a 'burglar' | News Speechless doesn't begin to cover it.

A man killed someone breaking into his home. Police said he would be charged with murder.
After the death on 29 February, police told him he could be prosecuted for murder. The case sparked fresh debate over how and when householders should be allowed by law to defend themselves.

Today, however, the Crown Prosecution Service announced Mr Pitkin would not be charged because

there was no proof he had acted unlawfully. It added that householders were entitled to use "reasonable force" in self-defence when facing an intruder.

The ruling will be welcomed by campaigners who argue in favour of the right to fight back against burglars.
This hasn't happened in a very long time in the UK.

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