Thursday, April 10, 2008

This is NOT Self-defense

Prowler Shot, Homeowner Arrested OK, you can only defend yourself from imminent danger. You can't shoot wildly.

He got a call from his wife about a stranger entering a shed.
James Edward Harp went home, and started looking for the unidentified man. He fired two warning shots and then fired four shots into the shed, hitting 47 year old Leon Stover twice in the back.
You can't shoot anyone who comes onto your property. That isn't the test for self-defense.

The guy who got shot is recovering. The homeowner has been charged with firing into an occupied dwelling, and he will probably be charged with other crimes as well.

And as far as I have been told, warning shots are illegal in Florida. (If you have time to warn him, the threat wasn't imminent.) And shooting at someone you cannot see, is a stupid idea at best. And criminal at worst.

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