Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Two More Goblins Off the Street

Two arrested in 'Make My Day' shooting A few days ago I wrote about a self-defense shooting in Colorado. The sheriff and the prosecutors had determined the shooting was legal under Colorado's 'Make My Day' law. Today, an accomplice at the scene of the shooting and one other were arrested.
The second suspect on the scene has been identified as Cheri Penn, 36, of Colorado Springs. Penn was taken into custody late April 21 for questioning about this incident.

Penn also had a no bond warrant for parole violation out of the Department of Corrections. Late on April 22, Penn was booked in on the following charges:

-- First Degree Burglary/Class 3 Felony
-- Conspiracy/Class 4 Felony
-- Tampering with Physical Evidence
One other person was arrested, for apparently conspiring to help Penn stay out of trouble. (The article isn't clear - to me anyway.) But he is charged with being an accessory, tampering with evidence and obstructing government operations.

Three (alleged) criminals off the street because the law-abiding can defend themselves in Colorado.


Anonymous said...

how dare you call them goblins. you have no idea who these people are and you have no right to judge them. for all you know there could be more behind it, so dont go around calling people names and saying that they're criminals. they're still people.

Zendo Deb said...

As it says on the side-bar... innocent until proved guilty.

But if guilty...

If you don't like my writing or my style of writing, don't let the door hit you on the brain on your way out.