Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What a load of dung

Reluctantly, a Daily Stops Its Presses, Living Online - New York Times Oh, the horror. An afternoon newspaper, with next to no circulation, has decided to stop killing trees printing and move online only.

Let me find my tiny violin.

Change or die. Nothing is the same as it was.

They say that
Once upon a time, the afternoon newspaper was the Internet of its day, Mr. Baughman said, giving afternoon baseball scores and stock market reports in a quick turnaround. It was the more lucrative slot as a result.
Well the horse & buggy was the fuel injected, turbocharged sport sedan of its day. It went the way of the dinosaurs just the same.

And I think the real fear in what happened to a "liberal" paper in a small-big-city, is that it is likely to happen just the same to big-city papers soon.

Not to mention how the killing of all those trees, and the paper mills and the trucks, presses, et cetera have to have a pretty large impact on the 'carbon footprint' of all those liberals in Madison, Wisconsin.

How are those circulation numbers looking? [via Kate]

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