Friday, April 11, 2008

Would You Rather Be Offended, or Dead?

Chinese Americans feel sting of Olympic protests - Los Angeles Times I think people are losing perspective over the Olympic Torch protests.
"The Olympics were supposed to bring glory to the Chinese," said Daniel Deng, a leading Chinese American defense attorney based in Rosemead. "Now the focus is the Dalai Lama and Tibet. A lot of Chinese are offended."
Well, a lot of Tibetans are dead.

Now protesting the actions of the communist government of the PRC is one thing, and attacking everyone of Chinese ancestry is another. The government of the PRC is the only group really responsible or the situation.

The Olympic protests are just insane. Did Jimmy Carter's boycott of the Russian Olympics get the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan? No. These protests will make all of the bleeding hearts feel good, piss off a bunch of other people, and fail to have any impact whatsoever on the situation in Tibet.

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