Tuesday, April 08, 2008

You live in the Real World™

Folsom intruder chose to fight rather than flee Everyone seems to feel that if you live in the "right kind of place" you are immune from crime. Well that isn't the case.

A home intruder broke into an occupied home, and stayed there, even though he knew he was spotted.

Even when police came, he stayed in the home, and then attacked an officer who had entered the dwelling with a partner and a police dog. The goblin was shot and died from gunshot wounds.
Neighbors said the incident has made them question their safety in an area some thought was too remote to become a serious target for criminals.
You thought wrong, if you thought living in the right neighborhood makes you "safe." Crime doesn't happen to "other kinds of people," in "other kinds of places." Crime can happen anywhere, anytime. If you can read this, you live the Real World™ where things work a bit differently than they do in Andy's and Barnie's Mayberry. Deal with it.

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