Monday, June 16, 2008

Are UN Peacekeepers Going To Be Held Accountable?

Dutch Court to Hear Case on Srebrenica Massacre | Deutsche Welle July 11, 1995 Dutch troops, wearing the UN blue helmet failed to stop the massacre of Bosnian Muslims by Serbian Christians. It was the very reason they were deployed - to protect Srebrenica.
Dutch peacekeepers failed to stop a massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslims in the United Nations-protected enclave of Srebrenica in [1995]. Now two trials will examine Dutch and UN culpability.
8000 died. It would be bad enough if the Dutch just stood aside, but they actually provided fuel to the Serbs committing the massacre. Buses and bulldozers run on diesel and the Dutch were providing that to the Serbs troops, so they could dig mass graves and bus the victims to the mass graves.

If you don't know about Srebrenica, you can find some information here.

It is just another example of where the UN has failed to stop genocide. Other examples come to mind.

The UN was created specifically to stop genocide - or to ensure it never happened again. A function they have been singularly inept at fulfilling. Can anyone name 3 places in the world where UN peacekeepers have ended a conflict, or stopped the renewal of fighting?

UN peacekeepers are too often involved in child sex scandals, and in the Srebrenica, they were involved in the atrocities they were supposed to guard against.

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