Saturday, June 07, 2008

Cop Arrested for Sexual Assault and the Regular Kind

$1.5M bond for 'top cop' charged in child sex cases :: News Sun :: News I guess this is just an isolated incident, or no, but it is just one guy having a bad day few years.
Lake County State's Attorney Michael Waller said the alleged sexual assaults involved a girl under 13 years old that began between March and September 2007. Another girl, also under 13, was allegedly sexually abused in November 2006. It is unknown if the victims were related to Simon.

Waller said a 35-year-old adult male was assaulted by Simon in March 2007. That case was not related to the sexual assault or abuse cases.
Not all cops are monsters; most are decent enough, but there are a sizable minority of cops that are monsters, and we need to do everything possible to find them and bring them to justice.

The ass-covering bureaucrats want you to know he didn't do this while on duty. Fine. Did anybody get reports of this (it dates back to late 2006).

His claim to being "top cop?" He has more DWI arrests than you can shake a stick at.
[He] was cited by the Illinois Department of Transportation -- Division of Traffic Safety for the number of DUI arrests while a member of the department's Operational Traffic Enforcement Team.
Not nearly enough to make up for his transgressions.

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