Sunday, June 08, 2008

Don't Question the Bureacrats of Health

Doctors' anger at cruelty to patients - Times Online What happens when your doctor (your cancer doctor) says you need drug "X," the bureaucrats refuse to pay for the drug, so you - in order to save your life - pay for the drug yourself? In the UK, if you take that one action to save your life, your free health care is no longer free.
THE medical establishment is in revolt against Labour’s policy of denying National Health Service treatment to patients who pay privately for cancer medicines.
So get a drug the bureaucrats don't want you to have, and they will cut you off at the knees.

It isn't just hitting you with extra costs. They DENY treatment if you go against the bureaucrats.
It also emerged that Sandra Baker, a bowel cancer victim, died last year after being denied NHS treatment in her final months. When she paid £9,500 privately for drugs, she was hit with an extra bill of £16,000 for her treatment. Last week The Sunday Times revealed the case of Linda O’Boyle who died of cancer aged 64 after being denied NHS treatment because she paid for a drug.
All in the interest of crushing us all down to the lowest common denominator. It wouldn't be fair to let people control their own medical care, just because they can afford to.

The practice has been called punitive and vindictive. Of course it is. The Left, in the form of the Labour Party in Britain, wants to control your health care. They don't want to create a safety net so that everyone gets some acceptable level of care. They want absolute control of health care. Who lives. Who dies. Who gets access to the medicine they need.

I can't wait for this system to reach the US.

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