Thursday, June 12, 2008

Self-defense is legal - even in California

Oakland man shoots would-be burglar - Inside Bay Area After repeated warning shots, the "burglar" just kept coming. He got shot in the thigh.

His excuse?
Neighbors said they came out to find the suspect lying on the sidewalk, shouting that he hadn't known anybody lived there.
As if breaking into empty houses were perfectly legal. You also might get an idea when someone is shooting a gun at you that it is time to leave. Some people aren't very smart, I guess.

The goof-ball in question is in the hospital - soon to move on to the jail. The homeowner didn't break any laws, not even any of the ridiculous Kalifornia gun laws.
The homeowner's handgun is legally registered, and police did not arrest the homeowner or charge him with anything.
Because even in the People's Republic of California, self defense is legal.

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