Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Still Want to Bet Your Life on Calling Police?

MP to meet police over shooting response ( photos, video) - 10 Jun 2008 - NZ Herald: New Zealand National news The 111 call (New Zealand's version of 911) came at 9:05. Police entered the store at 9:31.
As Mr Singh lost blood from massive internal bleeding after the bullet ruptured his aorta, St John paramedics were held back by police, entering at 9.38pm - 20 minutes after they arrived at a "safe point" at the scene.
So the cops wouldn't enter the scene, and then they kept the medical system out for another 7 minutes.

The victim died.

Now, given the description of his injuries he may have died in any event, but we can never know if he might have been saved.
Police later said they had to establish where the gunman was before they entered so no one else's life was put in anger.

As they waited, members of Mr Singh's family told 111 operators the gunman and the rest of his colleagues had long since departed.
It is good to see that New Zealand's Draconian gun laws are helping to eliminate gun crime. Or not.

And it is good to see that that NZ police have a good grasp of the risks of clearing a building after a crime. </sarcasm>
a woman whose house was burgled last week was asked to check her house to make sure no robbers were present. "Nobody is concerned that she's supposed to spend the night there,"
Does the average New Zealand citizen have the weapons and the know-how to clear a building, looking for a potentially dangerous criminal? I doubt it. And their reaction to late night robberies? Businesses should close earlier. Yeah, that will make the crime disappear.

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