Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Thieves Meet Armed Citizens

Pissed-off armed citizens.

VIENNA: Buckshot thwarts thieves The price of metals has gone way up. So the theft of metals has also become a problem.
When a few tons of iron, steel and aluminum disappeared from his machine shop Saturday night, Joseph Lord knew the thieves would return for more.

After all, they hadn't finished the job.
When they did return they met a man armed with a shotgun. They ran like rabbits. He shot out the 2 front tires of their truck and the windshield, so they couldn't use it to escape.

Police have some idea who they are looking for, and expect to make arrests in short order.

In another part of the world, it is gasoline whose price tempts criminals. Apparent gas theft puts man in hospital He woke to the sound of a vehicle. Investigating, he found two miscreants stealing gas out of his vehicle. He shined a light on them.
At that time, the homeowner saw one of the suspects had a rifle, according to Brown, who said he did not know if the men pointed it at the homeowner or otherwise threatened him with it.

"I just know (the homeowner) shot twice, I believe striking one of the suspects in the arm and left thigh," [Crawford County Chief Deputy] Ron Brown said.

The uninjured suspect grabbed the rifle, which the injured suspect had dropped, and fired three shots in the homeowner's direction before fleeing into a nearby wooded area, Brown said.
The injured guy was taken to hospital with serious wounds, and is expected to be arrested on aggravated robbery charges when he is released. Police have the name of the other goblin and hope to make an arrest soon.

Crime doesn't pay. Not when you run into pissed-off, armed people. When the last of these guys are arrested, the world will be that much better off. All of it is thanks to armed citizens defending themselves and their property.

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