Thursday, June 05, 2008

What a Shock - Cops Breaking the Law

Cop charged in sting, maybe more :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES I'm sure this kind of thing ONLY happens in Chicago.
At least a dozen Chicago Police officers are under suspicion in a sting that led to the arrest today of a cop and a tow truck driver accused of helping another crooked cop scam an insurance company over a car he reported stolen, sources said.
One is charged, but others are under investigation by the FBI and Internal Affairs.
Deputy Police Supt. Peter Brust said it was the second-largest IAD investigation since 2004. The largest was a probe into Special Operations Section cops allegedly robbing people.
This kind of thing seems to happen a lot in Chicago. I am sure it doesn't happen outside Chicago</sarcasm>.

If when cops are victims of crimes, the sentences are enhanced, then what should happen when cops perpetrate the crimes? Just asking.

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