Saturday, July 12, 2008

Any Resistance is Likely to End Crime

Gay NC Robbery Victim Fends Off Attackers with Pocket Knife :: EDGE Boston He did lose his wallet, but when he stabbed one of his attackers with a knife, they ran like rabbits.

If this had happened in Boston, the victim of the crime would likely have been arrested for breaking some knife-control law of the Peoples Republic of Massachusetts. North Carolina has different views of self-defense.

Police don't want to call it a hate crime - despite the slurs shouted - because they robbed the victim.

The Left wants to organize community watch groups, and ride sharing to make gays safer. (I don't think they have mentioned signing Kumbaya - not yet anyway.) I think they should start a chapter of Pink Pistols, and get people armed for their self-defense, but that's just me.

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