Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Armed Homeowner Stops Wanted Criminal

MyFox Tampa Bay | Shooting in Plant City neighborhood He was wanted for several burglaries and was being chased through a neighborhood, when he broke into the wrong home.
It was around 8 a.m. when [the bad guy] was spotted running through back yards, and that's when he allegedly broke into a home on Dawnmeadow Court, apparently trying to hide.

The homeowner, upon his return, did not welcome the intruder.

"He came home to check on his daughter when he discovered the window broken out of his house. So he armed himself with his handgun and checked the house, where he was confronted," explained Sgt. Dale Peterson of the Plant City Police Department.
He shot the goblin in the foot. He was caught nearby (hard to run that way) and was taken to the hospital - non-life-threatening injuries. He will be taken to the jail, once the hospital is finished with him.

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