Monday, July 28, 2008

Attitude Makes the Difference Bank Robbery attempted ends with suspect being shot with his own gun. 7/26/08 Not only do I love stories about justice served, but I love the way the "innocent bystanders" decided to stop being sheep and act like civilized adults.
The suspect entered the bank wearing a disguise of some sort, possibly a mask or a fake mustache and beard, and carrying a semi-automatic weapon, ABC7 reported.

A bank security guard apparently confronted and struggled with the suspect, said Kate Lopez of the Los Angeles Police Department.

"It was a good knockdown fight between the security guard and the suspect," Capt. Jim Miller of the LAPD told the TV station. "On its face it appears that the suspect may have been beginning to gain the upper hand when the customers joined in to assist."
Have Americans finally learned that being meek, mild and good victims does not ensure your safety? The Powers That Be will never admit that.

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