Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Beat a man chained to wheelchair, get suspended

JusticeWeis can't fire cop who beat man in wheelchair :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES A Chicago cop beats a man handcuffed and shackled to a wheelchair. Instead of facing battery charges, he will be suspended. Not fired. Definitely not arrested. Suspended. Though he is facing federal charges. Maybe some justice will be done.

The video is here, and reminds me of a Tampa-Florida deputy dumping a man out of a wheelchair. Similar lack of punishment in that case.

People wonder why I am cynical about police. One test for whether or not you live in a police state is whether or not there are separate rules for police. If you or I did this we would be under arrest, and would not be facing a few weeks without pay. We would be in jail - or out on bond - awaiting trial. Cops get a special deal. At least in Chicago and Tampa they do.

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