Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cops Behaving Badly - West Coast Division

LAPD investigates man's claim of police beating - San Jose Mercury News Since I recently posted on the Boston and Chicago Police Departments, it seemed only fair to include something on the LAPD and its Rampart division.

You aren't familiar with Rampart? It is a wonderful place. This is a beating allegation, complete with hospital records. (The police won't release the photos they took at the time of the incident, even though the person in question has requested they do so.)
"I was walking home and I got pulled over. They asked me to assume the position," Magallon told reporters outside the police's downtown headquarters, an apparent bruise still visible beneath his left eye. "They kicked my legs so I could open them. After that ... they started hitting me in the face."

Magallon suffered a broken nose, according to hospital records released by Terrell [the attorney for Magallon]. Terrell said his client had no prior arrests and had never been in a gang.
Now you may wonder if this is legit or not. Consider the following.
The beating allegation is the latest in a string of problems for the Rampart division in recent years. Most notably the division was involved in a scandal in which officers were alleged to have beaten, robbed, framed and shot innocent people. Dozens of officers were investigated, leading to some resignations and internal discipline.
Three convictions were thrown out on appeal - it doesn't say if they will be retried or not.

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