Friday, July 18, 2008

Could you stand by and do nothing?

Hell, Frozen B.C. police urge bystanders to help stop crime Police admit they can't be everywhere to stop a violent crime. Actually, it was the 2nd time in a week.
It involved a 74-year-old man who saw his ex-wife while strolling around the food court at popular Granville Island on False Creek in central Vancouver. It was a complete coincidence, the first time the unidentified man had seen the 72-year-old woman since they divorced 10 years ago.

He called her name.

"When she responds by turning around when her name is called, he runs up," Constable Tim Fanning told the daily police briefing. "He has a pocket knife in his hand. He grabs her head and he starts slashing at her. He slashes her face."
He was restrained by several people in the area until police came, but not before he did considerable damage.

The prior instance of a person detaining a criminal was termed "vigilantism." It wasn't then and it isn't in this case. But the Liberal press wants to scare you about 'getting involved.' Better to walk on by or stand and stare while the world goes down the crapper around you. Just call the police and wait docilely like a good little subject.

Of course the story comes from Canada. The police worry that the good citizens may encounter someone who is armed. The idea of arming the law-abiding never occurs to them.

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