Friday, July 18, 2008

A Few of Those Special Rights Gays Want

Tulsa World: By law, not a hate crime Those tricky gays want all those special rights, like being able to live in your home free from intimidation, or being able to keep your job.

Rural America is such a welcoming place.
About seven days ago, the message "Gays Must Go" was spray-painted on their garage door, and a symbol resembling a swastika, which is used by some white supremacist groups, was spray-painted on the side of their home.

Holes were punched in a friend's pickup's tires and the truck was set on fire while parked in Stotler's driveway.

The message "I'll be back" was spray-painted on both sides of the vehicle.

And back the person came.

A few days later, holes were punched in the front door of their home ... and the message "Gay Go Away" was painted on it.
Now this article goes on about hate crimes. I don't care for hate crimes at all, but we have them. Just not for all persecuted minorities.

One reason we have hate crimes laws is because in the past, and the present, many cops were not, and are not, interested in helping minorities. In fact some cops have been and continue to be a part of the problem.
[One] organization frequently receives calls and e-mails from gay men and lesbians from all parts of Oklahoma who have been being harmed or harassed because of their sexual orientation, but in many cases, they decide not to contact the police, she said.

"There are people who are frightened — especially in rural Oklahoma — to report it," she said.
Oh, and the right to keep your job? It doesn't exist.
Physical harm is just one of their concerns. They also don't want to risk losing their jobs if their employers find out they are gay.
So yeah, if you include trying to keep a job, make a living, and owning a home free from harassment as special rights, then that is exactly what gays want.

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