Tuesday, July 08, 2008

It took two hours

No Restraint - The Daily Breeze She did what the Left says to do. She got a restraining order. 2 hours after he was served with the order, she was dead.
Just after 8 a.m. May 3, a Federal Way police officer served Chan Ok "Paul" Kim with the order.

Roznowski, 66, was in contact with her family and friends that morning, and told them she gave Kim, 68, until 11 a.m. to get out.

Sometime in the next two hours, she was dead.
Restraining orders can be wonderful things, but they aren't a suit of armor. If you need a restraining order than you likely need a plan to ensure your safety.

This a tragedy, and I don't want to belittle it or the people who are hurting because of it. Her family wonders why police didn't do more, why they don't do more as a matter of course. They served the restraining order and they left. That is all they ever do. The police are not there to ensure your safety as an individual. There have been numerous court cases demonstrating that they have no obligation to do so.

But generations of people have now been taught that they should take no precautions where their personal safety is concerned. "Call police. Get a restraining order. Let the system protect you." Of course the system can't protect you. It has no legal obligation to protect you. You are on your own.

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