Sunday, July 20, 2008

A Sad Commentary on Society

A tragic story which reminds us that domestic violence can even strike teenagers. | ‘I didn’t even have time to process’
A driving sense of loss
It happened on Jan. 28, when Kaitlyn M. Sudberry, 17, was walking home from school in Phoenix, Ariz., where she lived with her father. She was nearly to her house when she crossed paths with her ex-boyfriend, who was carrying a sawed-off shotgun.
People don't want to admit that dating and violence get this out of control in High School. So of course, they do.
Statistics listed on the site, gathered in 2006 by Teenage Research Unlimited, show that one in four teenagers who have been in a serious relationship said they’d been pressured to only spend time with their partner. Nearly one in four had given into sexual pressure and one in five reported being hit, slapped or pushed by their girlfriend or boyfriend.
For all the sex education today, apparently no one teaches what a healthy relationship looks like. Or is that what parents are supposed to do?

So why do they put up with this?
Teenagers may feel their ability to fit in depends on having a boyfriend or girlfriend.
You would think the way schools worship self-esteem, that young adults would have some. Enough to get out of bad relationships or enough to see beyond "fitting in." But then real self-esteem isn't as easy to hand out as some educators think it is.

Anyway, this article has some real lessons, that cost one mother a lot to learn. It is worth a look.

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