Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Systems Design only a Bureaucrat Could Love

Emergency response delay being investigated | The Tuscaloosa News | Tuscaloosa, AL Here is how it is supposed to work.

You call 911. Tuscaloosa Police Department answers the call. They call a private ambulance company. The private ambulance company calls the Sheriff's office. The Sheriff's office calls volunteer firemen/EMTs to respond.

Is anyone surprised it didn't work as designed? The Sheriff's Office didn't get called, which means the fireman didn't get called. The person died - a teenager.

Who is at fault? The idiot who designed this system, and all the idiots who managed it since then who didn't seem to think that something was wrong with it.

Now it isn't quite right to say this person died as a result of this screw up, but anyone who thinks this design makes sense must work for the government.

The moral of the story? Learn first aid and CPR, because if you ever have an emergency, there is a good chance you will be on your own.

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