Tuesday, July 22, 2008

What Symbolism is Obama Going For?

FT.com / Home UK / UK - Column of contention rears its ugly head for Berlin visit The Siegessäule Victory Column was built by the Germans in the late 19th century to commemorate a victory over France, Austria and Denmark. It was then moved and updated by the Nazi Party as part of turning Berlin into the world capital.
Without a British-American veto, the French would have dynamited the monument after the war.
And here I thought the Left liked the French.

Today it is most known as the destination for demonstrations and parades, like the Gay Pride parade.
Not only is it a mandatory stop for the Berlin gay pride and St Christopher Street demonstrations, but "Siegessäule" is also the name of a local gay magazine. By speaking before the column, Mr Obama will be walking proudly in the steps of purple-haired drag queens.
Perhaps not the symbolism he was hoping for.

You see, he wanted to speak in front of the Brandenburg Gate, the place where JFK and Reagan spoke. The Germans didn't want to give him that kind of endorsement. ("You're no JFK.")

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