Friday, October 31, 2008

Another Ex-boyfriend Who Doesn't Understand “It's Over!”

Woman's ex shot during shootout at her Fort Worth home | Dallas Morning News So the ex shows up at woman's house, and is told by the current boyfriend that she isn't home. This isn't BS - she wasn't home.

Of course the ex - who showed up with a friend, or another thug, depends on your point of view - didn't believe that she wasn't home. (Liars never believe a truth that doesn't meet with their approval.) So the ex and the thug try to force their way into the house.
The two men tried to enter the home and fought with the boyfriend before shots were fired.

The two men were hit and fled to a nearby home where they were apprehended and taken to John Peter Smith Hospital.
The two goof-balls are charged with assault.

Self-defense may be a human right, but the "authorities" in this case are still investigating, since they really want to charge the current boyfriend with something.

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