Monday, October 06, 2008

Back to the Future - Chicago Style

The more things change, the more I don't trust government. After disbanding scandal-plagued Special Operations Section, Chicago police to start special gang unit -- The Chicago PD got rid of its Special Operations Sections, because murder-for-hire, home-invasions, and a host of other crimes committed by Chicago Police officers was a bit hard to swallow, even in Chicago.

So of course to celebrate one year anniversary of the demise of SOS, Chicago will reconstitute SOS.

First, here is a description of the end of the old.
SOS was disbanded last October amid a scandal over a team of officers who are alleged to have robbed and kidnapped victims for years under the guise of police work. Seven officers are awaiting trial on criminal charges. In addition, the U.S. attorney's office has an ongoing probe into whether there was a police coverup that allowed the rogue officers to operate for years despite mounting misconduct allegations.
So what is there solution?
A year after disbanding the scandal-plagued Special Operations Section, Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis is launching a similar unit to fight gangs, according to internal police documents obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

In a draft memo to his command staff last week, Weis said he is even giving former SOS officers first crack at applying for the elite assignment, the document show.
Sometimes it is hard to tell the cops apart from the criminals.

The mission of the Mobile Strike Force will be identical to the old SOS.

The roster of the MSF will (or may - they are being given first crack, not being drafted) contain some of the same officers as the SOS. (Anyone not currently under investigation or subject to disciplinary actions.)

How long it will be before it is business as usual?

Special Operations Section. The Midnight Crew from Area 2. The history of problems with CPD is immense. Why should anyone believe that the MSF will be so much different from the SOS?

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