Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Castle Doctrine - basically - in Israel

'Burglar killer should receive citation' | Israel | Jerusalem Post Given how clear the Old Testament is on the subject of self-defense (it's OK), I'm a bit surprised this is an issue.
The homeowner said he had opened fire after the intruder tried to stab him. He was detained for questioning, following which police said he would be released. Police said two other burglars fled after the shooting and that a knife was found at the scene. Prior to entering the home, the burglars sedated the family next door and robbed their home.
Sounds like a straight-forward case of defense of self and family. But the bleeding hearts have their collective knickers in a twist.
Meretz MK Zehava Gal-On, on the other hand, denounced the homeowner and reiterated her opposition to the bill. "The Knesset," she said, "has enabled a trigger-happy finger. It was only a matter of time before the license to kill, which was granted by the Knesset in legislating the Dromi Bill will become reality. Burglars should be behind lock and key, and it is inconceivable that someone who kills them should be exempt of culpability."
I guess he should have let the guy stab him, in her view.

Likud MK Yisrael Katz, a proponent of the Dromi law, had this to say.
Burglars must know that their blood will be on their on heads and that the basic right to self defense is the only way to create deterrence and to try and prevent this disturbing phenomenon where people feel unsafe in their own homes.
At least someone has their priorities straight.

The legislation is named for Negev farmer Shai Dromi, who was charged with manslaughter after defending his farm from intruders. His prosecution caused a public outcry and a change in the law.

Self-defense is a human right.

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