Monday, October 20, 2008

"He seemed surprised"

Tulsa World: Intruder persists, is shot by resident Someone drunk is pounding on your door - trying to break it down - shouting about how "you are going to get it!" What would you do? That's what I would do, too.
The homeowner didn't hesitate to take action.

After grabbing his handgun, Manning pressed his shoulders against the door to try to keep the intruder from coming in. When Manning looked through a window on the door to get a look at the intruder, he saw a "huge man full of rage," he said.
Despite warnings that he would be shot, the idiot eventually broke into the home and was shot.
As soon as Wickham realized that he had been shot, he seemed surprised, and it appeared to calm him for a while, Manning said.
Hey, if you ignore warnings that you will be shot, you shouldn't be surprised when you are shot after ignoring those warnings.

The goof-ball was charged with "first-degree burglary, attempted escape from arrest, public intoxication and two complaints of vandalism." Bail was set at $22,150. Can anyone explain that? Why not 25K? or 20K? or 22,250?

Last word goes to the guy who defended himself.
Manning is still unsure why Wickham wanted to break into his home, but he advises others to reinforce their doors and be prepared to defend their homes.

"People have to be alert and aware," he said.

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