Thursday, October 02, 2008

How Would She Defend Herself Without a Weapon?

Putnam Township homeowner says she shot at men who tried to break into her home, police report - Two against one. How do you defend yourself without some means of leveling the playing field?
The female homeowner had called 911 to report that two men entered her home through an unlocked door, and one struck her in the face, police said. The men fled into a swamp behind the home after she fired shots at them, police said.
OK, the unlocked door might be a problem. (Are all the doors and windows of your home always locked? No, not always?) But the firearm kept her safe. Too bad the bad guys got away.

And escaping into a swamp? I guess there are no gators in Michigan. (Are there?) That wouldn't be such a good idea in Florida.

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