Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jon Burge and the Midnight Crew From Area Two

Ex-Chicago cop Burge arrested in torture cases :: CHICAGO SUN-TIMES :: Metro & Tri-State The wheels of justice grind slowly. But in Chicago, they tend to not grind at all. Not charged with torture, since the statute of limitations has expired, but with perjury and obstruction.

The allegations were that for a very long time, Chicago police area 2, was home of a bunch of torturers.
Burge was fired from the department in 1993 after the Chicago Police Board found he tortured accused police killer Andrew Wilson into giving a confession. But Burge was never charged with a crime at the time, and he moved to Florida soon after his dismissal.
He was fired, but I think he was able to retain his pension. Not sure about that.
In 2006, a $7 million report by special Cook County prosecutors found that Burge, a former Vietnam veteran, and his underlings tortured criminal suspects for two decades while police brass allegedly looked the other way.
Maybe the feds can do what Chicago will (almost) never do, prosecute a cop.

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